0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number

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UK Border Agency Customer Service Contact 0843 308 8259

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0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number – For All Immigration, Citizenship and Visa Inquires

The UK Border Agency was established in 2008 is considered as the border patrol agency of British government. It is divided in four departments namely immigration and settlement, operations, visas and law enforcement and settlements and international operations. Each of the department specializes on specific responsibilities and the agency can definitely help you if you contact the right branch. Call 0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number and find out what the agency can help you with.


Why Would You Contact UK Border Agency Customer Service Number?

The 0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number can direct you to a highly skilled member of the UK Border Agency, for all the issues and concerns about:

Info on different UK visas

Living and working in UK for EU and EEA citizens

Asking or applying for UK visa or requesting residency in UK

Reporting someone whom you believe unlawfully living in UK or breaking immigration rules

Reporting swindlers or impostors who may be claiming to be UK Home Office and/or making fake visas

Are you considering of studying in UK? Call the number provided in this website by Easy Connect UK to ask about how you can tackle with your plans to study in the British country. Although you are outside of UK, you can still know the requirements that you really need for your application. Determine your options as to whether you can apply visa or perhaps an authorization to travel or stay in the country to complete your education. If you are now working in UK and need to extend your working visa, call 0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number. By contacting them, you will be given the info you need to get the essential documents and get permission to prolong or re-apply your working visa.

Even a non-British national can contact UK Border Agency Contact Number to talk about the processes on how to become a permanent resident in UK. The agency also holds authority over cases that involve non-residents getting married with a British national who are applying for visa.

More about UK Border Agency

UK Border Agency has over 23,000 employees in 120 different countries around the world. The powers of UK Border Agency include immigration powers, deportation of foreign nationals from UK and customs powers.

It was in 2003 when the closing down of the Border Agency happened because Home Secretary Theresa May incompetently and poorly ran it. Instead, it was disbanded into two sub agencies – one dealing with VISA and the other is about immigration law enforcement.

UK Border Agency Opening Hours

The UK Border Agency Customer Services Phone Number is open from Mondays to Thursday 9am to 4:30pm and Fridays 9am to 4:30pm.


Applying UK Visa

Millions of people visit UK all year round and huge numbers of it are not just there for a simple holiday.  Pools of travelers arrive in UK with the purpose of long-term stay and a specific visa will have to be issued. Huge numbers of people can be exempted from the visa process yet for others they are required to apply. If you are a member of a rising country then you have to file an application with the UK Border Agency while you are still in your nation. With this, you can get an application number and then you have to submit your papers from there. If you are coming to UK for work, you will need to apply working visa that has a different process. You will need documentation from your future employer and you will need many other pieces of paperwork. This is more complicated than the normal application and to fully understand it, you must call the UK Border Agency customer services telephone number on 0843 308 8259.

Appealing a Decision to UK Border Agency

Since UK Border Agency runs a very strict procedures and guidelines when it comes to letting people reside in UK for long-term basis, there will be instances where your application is denied. In this event, there is a process for appeal. If you feel that you application is valid and should have been approved, then call the UK Border Agency customer services number using the number  provided by Easy Connect UK here. While the team does not directly deal with the complaint on this number, they can connect you straight to the right customer support.

Dealing with Shelter through UK Border Agency

Shelter is a very sensitive subject and need to be handled carefully. Many people from nations in the middle of conflict and other look for shelter in UK dreaming about their fate may change and they can run from the domination in their country. Because of the big number of fake shelter claims that have slipped through online in UK, the process for this is now meticulous. If you consider yourself to apply for shelter in UK, call 0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number.

If your family and friends are European Nationals but not member of the EU, and they want to travel in UK, simply dial UK Border Agency customer service number on 0843 308 8259 to ask for friendly and practical advice. There are many requirements that your future guest may need to comply and you can find out what exactly they need if you give UK Border Agency phone number a ring.

If you are a foreign student or tourist to the UK and you want to know more about your status in the country, you can go visit the UK Border Agency webpage. But, if you queries have not been answered yet, feel free to contact UK Border Agency customer service for a quick response and solution to your problem.

Easy Connect UK is very happy to help and serve all UK and non-UK residents when getting in touch with UK Border Agency. Simply call the 0843 308 8259 UK Border Agency Contact Number to get answers to all your queries and concerns.

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