0843 506 8860 UCAS Contact Us Number Helpline

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UCAS Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 506 8860

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

UCAS Customer Services Contact Number – 0843 506 8860

Who are UCAS and How to Call Them?

UCAS came after the union of UCCA, SCUE and PCAS. They offer a support and assistance to connect students to course providers in more advanced education. They have a small fee for students joining as well as charges universities once a student enrolls them from UCAS. They guide students to understand well which courses are available where and what things are needed for their applications to be accepted.  They also give specifics on the financial privileges and how to apply. They also have records of statistics that are usually used by media to find out which age group and sexes choose which course.


Things You May Need To Call On UCAS Customer Services Telephone Number:

  • Monito your application
  • Search for clearing opportunities
  • Inquiries about student finance or lodging

UCAS Services

UCAS is a British university admissions system for students wanting to apply for courses in universities and colleges. To monitor your application, feel free to call 0843 506 8860 UCAS Customer Services Contact Number.

UCAS assists possible student by guiding tem select which course and which level of education is best for them.

Because of UCAS, the student can then apply for their preferred course and UCAS will communicate with the university on behalf of them. The fee charged for using the UCAS services for one course is £11 and £22 for two or more.

The application process are consists of information about your present credentials, employment history and all student must write c comprehensive personal statement about themselves, their skills, why they are eligible for their preferred course and what they expect to learn  intellectually and for themselves. They should also submit a reference, which is provided by their teacher or employer.

UCAS will information student when their preferred university responds as to whether they have a provisional, unconditional or no proposition at all. A provisional offer means the student will be accepted depending on his grades. An unconditional offer is when the student has the necessary grades. Students can be denied for a number of reasons like not meeting with entry requirements or failing for the interview.


Monitoring Your Application

After you have sent your application, you can check its status but signing in the UCAS Track. You can use the page to monitor if any of your preferred universities give you a slot on the course or request an invitation for interview, reply to any propositions and subject on your results, a validation of your offer. You can also have additional options and make amends.

  • Provisional Offers

UCAS Track is can be accessed on smartphone so you can easily see your offers.

This kind of proposition displays what conditions you have comply to get your spot confirmed. For many people, this means you have to wait for the   summer Results Day to know if you accepted.

  • Unconditional Offers

This kind of proposition means that you have complied the entry requirements. You have to do something extra like medical checkup. Having unconditional offer does not mean you are qualified or accepted.

  • Withdrawn Application

The course you have chosen can be withdrawn the university if you did not reply to their email or if you miss the interview.

  • Failed Application

Failed application means that you are not qualified to the chosen you have picked. Sometimes the university will explain why you failed in your application or they will later on.

  • Results Day

The results are released on the 14th of August. This is a very stressful day as most of the students are waiting to see if they are accepted or not.  Therefore, the best way to see the results is to know the formalities.

  • What Ensues On Results Day

The result day has come and you have your results for your university or college. You might get a slot from your choice of course or your insurance choice subject on how good you did. If have not pass on the preferred course, you may be offered with an alternative like a different course. This will have to be accepted on Track. You can check different statuses in the Track subject on your results.

If you did well than expected, you may want to check the courses with higher entry points. If you failed, there are still other choices for you. You could check the Clearing to find out about exam re-marks or inquire other choices like a gap year.

If you are accepted, a UCAS email will be sent you confirming that you have your slot on the chosen course.

If you need assistance in completing your application form for the UCAS, call 0843 506 8860 UCAS Customer Services Contact Number.

How Can I Pay If I Don’t Have A Credit Or Debit Card?

If you do not have credit or debit card, don’t worry, as you are more than welcome to compensate on friends or family members so long as you have their authorization. If for any reason, the student does not have the cardholder’s authorization, the application they have made with UCAS can be cancelled. Some universities allow student to pay them directly so they have more options of payment. Call 0843 506 8860 UCAS Customer Services Contact Number to have further information.

I have sent my application but have not received a welcome letter

If you have completed your application correctly and sent it, the regular waiting time for the welcome later in UK is about 14 days. If you have not received a letter within this time, don’t hesitate to call UCAS to inform them and check if there have been delay that can cause for your non-receipt. Contact 0843 506 8860 UCAS Customer Services Contact Number today!

How to Make Complaints on UCAS

Even though most students, universities and colleges are pleased with service provided by UCAS, there are instances that they fail to make it. If you suspect that you have been mistreated or have complaint about the service provided, therefore make complaints to UCAS by simply calling 0843 506 8860 UCAS Customer Services Contact Number today.

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