0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number Helpline

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TV License Customer Services Contact Number 0843 506 8873

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

If you want to keep enjoying watching your favorite TV shows and series, call 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number Helpline to renew TV License. This is something important that you may want to do so that you can address your problems and concerns regarding TV Licensing. Purchasing TV License, applications, renewal of license, making payments and other procedures are not always understood by many. You may have to call 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number if you want to talk to one of the customer services support to answer any of your queries or even address your complaints. The Freedom of Information Act in UK gives everyone the right to use any freely available information about TV Licensing. Thus, when you contact 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number, you can always get the needed information as permitted by the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) Act.


Why Call TV License Telephone Number Helpline?

There are various reasons why you need to contact the TV License Telephone Number Helpline provided here by Easy Connect UK. Customers have recounted a number of problems and we have listed some of the commonly asked questions such as:

  • I received a letter informing me I don’t hold valid TV license at home

This is a very common issue that many customers experience when moving into a new house or property.  While it is possible to make changes to your existing license online through the official TV licensing webpage, sometimes these details crosses and threats of penalties and more are sent to you. Indeed, receiving this king of letter is very stressing. If you have found yourself getting this letter, it is best that you ring TV License customer service number on 0843 506 8873 and quickly you will be directed to them and your problem will soon be fixed.

  • How to pay for my TV License

It is obvious that customers worry that they may have to pay for their TV license in one lump sum, but that is not the scenario. With the cost of everything rising, paying £145.50 as a one off cost is not ideal. There are some other ways of paying for your TV License, like for example, in three-monthly instalments or even  once-a-month or weekly payments, depends on the condition. To talk about more with the customer service support team, you need to call 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number Helpline which Easy Connect UK provided on this website.

  • Direct debit – You can make smaller payments by direct debit such as very month or every three months. Remember, though, that if you go for trimestral direct debit, it cost £1.25 per quarter, addition an extra £5 to your yearly bill.
  • Credit card – Unlike some other services, it won’t cost you for paying through credit card online or over the phone. If you have a cashback credit card, you have some of the money providing you pay off your card balance in full at the month end.
  • Cash – You can pay your TV licensing weekly, quarterly or every month at shops that have Paypoint outlets. This lets you to distribute the cost more easily, but it is worth keeping a file of the expenses you have made so you can monitor.


What can I expect if I don’t pay for my TV License?

Nonpayment of your TV license is a misdemeanor that involves a huge fine. More action, however, may be taken at the License’s discretion. The secretive detector vans actually do exist and normal scans are made in order to make sure that the public are lawfully receiving live television networks. It is clear that some people may face financial difficulties during their lifetime and in this case, there are plans ready to help you pay for your license. Contact the 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number Helpline to ask for help.

TV License information is crucial if you need to have a good comprehension of your legal responsibility. TV Licensing is always updating people about the need of purchasing a TV License and the effect of not making the needed payments. It makes even more easy and convenient to make payments and renewals online. If you are unsure of how to do everything online when it comes to TV License, call 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number for all your queries and concerns whenever you encounter any problems TV License related processes. It is a direct number that connects you to the right customer service support in order to guide and help you well.

TV Licensing for Businesses

Companies and organizations have unique requirement regarding the TV Licensing. There are many different choices based on the size and type of your business or organization.  You can put forward these choices and know which the right license for your needs is by simply calling the TV License Telephone Number. Teams of highly skilled and professional customer support team are ready to get your problems resolved.

Hotels, campgrounds and hostels are responsible for authorizing the televisions in all their rooms.  The number of licenses needed by such establishments varies based on the number of guests. If the number of guests decreases, and you are uncertain about how much licensing coverage you want, don’t hesitate to call the customer services telephone number for licensing.

Special Cases of TV License and Exemptions

Students – Even if you are a student, you still need a TV License.

Occupants and boarders – If you are living in a self-contained place like a flat, TV License is required. If you lease a room as a tenant, the TV license for the whole house should consider you, unless you have special access to a toilet or restroom – so therefore, you could be categorized as living in single room requiring its own license.

Elderly – You are qualified for a free TV license if you age 75 and above. If you are currently 74 and still need to renew your license soon, just buy the short term license up until your 75th birthday so that you can save money.

Blind or visually impaired people – You are eligible for a TV license fee 50% discount.

Changing home address – When you transfer house, you can bring your TV license with you. You just need to complete change of address form or call 0843 506 8873 TV License Telephone Number Helpline. If you move in with someone who has its own license, you can terminate your own license and possibly get a partial compensation.

Care home occupants – You still need to have you a speared TV license for your living room, but you may eligible for a concessionary license which cost £7.50 per room, whether it is a flat or small house.

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