0843 902 2050 Thames Water Contact Phone Number

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Thames Water Customers Services Number 0843 902 2050

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

UK main water supplier mainly in London, Thames Valley, Gloucestershire, Kent, Surrey and Wiltshire is Thames Water. It was first called as Thames Water Authority but was sold as Thames Water Utilities Limited in the 1980s.

Today, Thames Water is now running the largest revenue investment program with proceeds more 1 billion every year. For further information on Thames Water, call 0843 902 2050 Thames Water Contact Phone Number. The number provided here by Easy Connect UK will directly connect you through the Thames Water customer service quickly and the number is for both new and existing customers. When you contact Thames customer service number, you can ask about your water supply, billing, how to make a complaint or report a leakage.


Water Supply Problems

Thames Water Contact Phone Number on 0843 902 2050 can be contacted if a customer experience problems in their water supply such as

A leak outside their estate

Sudden drop in water pressure

Water has poor taste

To find out more about deal with these issues, contact 0843 902 2050 Thames Water Contact Phone Number.

Report a Leak

Leaks cause a lot of damage in a community, which is why it is important that people must quickly report them as soon as they occur. Anyone who sees a large amount of water swamping their area, or a sudden drop in water pressure in their home, don’t hesitate to contact Thames Water customer care number on 0843 902 2050 to determine what action needs to be done.

Billing and How to Make Payment

It is now much easier than ever to pay your bills with the help of internet and Thames Water customer service is no different.  This company offers customers and members the opportunity to handle their accounts online such as checking bills, questions about the account and how to make payments.

You can also print or download your Thames Water bill. You can make payment through debit or credit card. Use this website, https://secure.thameswater.co.uk/dynamic/cps/rde/xchg/corp/hs.xsl/16037.htm to pay bills online.

To talk to a one of the friendly customer services of Thames Water, simply dial 0843 902 2050 Thames Water Contact Phone Number.

Calling the Thames Water customer services telephone number on 0843 902 2050 will help you manage your personal account on Thames Water.

To talk to a customer service assistant about the quality of water, testing and sourcing, just dial 0843 902 2050 Thames Water Contact Phone Number.

How to Save Water

Water is a limited product, which means that utility companies are recommending people to learn how to save more water.  This trait can be practice in home, schools or with local societies. For those who want to learn how to save more water, please contact Thames Water telephone number on 0843 902 2050.

Advice about Flooding

Floods happens just about any place at any time when this event transpire, people need to act immediately to limit the loss it has done. Thames Water offers all-inclusive information on how to handle flooding. Calling Thames Water customer care on 0843 902 2050 will give you information about this issue.

About Water Quality

It is just normal to think about the quality of the water that its consumer’s drink that is why Thames Water has provided a wide range of information on their official website, such as details about how they treat the water, tests the water and where they draw the water.

News Updates

Thames Water gives the latest information about leaks, repairs and improvements to make the most of your water supply. The information can be read by visiting their website or calling on 0843 902 2050.


Thames Water Opening Hours

The contact number helpline of Thames Water are open Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 8pm and from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. They do not have office on Sundays and long weekends.

If you have important questions, you can you can write a letter on Thames Water through their online form https://customerhelp.thameswater.co.uk/app/ask.

If you have queries about the costs, tariffs or ask about if there are hidden charges, they will generally answer to your email in 5 office days. For all your general inquiries, they usually reply in 10 office days.

If you want to write them a letter, their postal address is:

Thames Water

PO Box 286

Swindon, SN38 2RA.

Moving Homes

You must report to Thames Water if you are considering of moving to a new residence. They can guide and give you assistance such as if you are want to become a member; they can help you setting new account.

On the other hand, if you are an old member who is transferring to a new place in a community of Thames Water services, you should tell them. Use the online system https://secure.thameswater.co.uk/dynamic/cps/rde/xchg/corp/hs.xsl/16041.htm to notify you are moving.

Why our service exists

Have you realized that when you go visit the website of Thames Water, there is no phone number being provided? You will not find contact numbers for the different services provided. In addition, even more unfortunately, you cannot find telephone number on the contact page. If this were any business, they should not be doing business but water is a necessity, right? The truth is Thames Water does not want you to call them directly. They want their consumers and members to search through the pages of their site to find answers to your queries and concerns and of course, to ease as much heavy customer-business communication as possible. Thames Water saves money for this. However, as we are sure you will definitely agree, it does not prioritize customer’s needs.

Easy Connect UK is here to help and make it easier for every one when getting in touch with Thames Water. It is simple as that. By providing a contact number, we are more than ready with Thames Water can offer. This is a strange situation because a third party is the one extending a better solution and that what Easy Connect UK is doing. It never been a bad for Easy Connect UK because, they always receive good praises and excellent feedback from people who have used the number they have provided.

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