0843 506 9864 Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number

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Contact Number for Tax Credits 0843 506 9864

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge. 

Are you qualified for a tax credits claim? If you are or you are not sure, Easy Connect UK can direct you to the Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number.

You may be eligible to many different Tax Credits, to discuss about your personal case, you can talk to one of the customer services member by simply calling 0843 506 9864 Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number.


The following are some of the Tax Credits that may be available to you depending on your case.

Working Tax Credits

Working Tax Credit is how much money benefits you can get when you stop working or is taking a leave from work. Different cases can affect the sum of money you are qualified to get, such as how many hours you have worked and how much money you can receive. To know more information and if whether you are qualified for a Working Tax Credits claim, just dial 0843 506 9864 Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number.

Child Tax Benefits

You may be qualified to Child Tax Benefits. There are certain cases that can affect your qualification. The total amount of depends you can get from Child Tax Credit depends on how many kids you have under your care and the salary of the house. If you need more assistance or want to verify if you are eligible for the Child Tax Benefits claim, give Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number a ring on 0843 506 9864.

How to Make a Tax Credits Claim

You can make a tax credit claim by completing a claim form. Information is also accessible regarding backdating a claim and joint claims. To know if you are qualified for the claim, call 0843 506 9864 Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number.

Why I Need to Call Tax Credit Phone Number?

  • To know if you are entitled for the tax credits claim.
  • To get assistance in filling up the claimant form
  • To report changes that can affects your tax credits
  • Resolve a mistake on your tax returns form.

Who Exactly Are Tax Credits?

Tax Credits are established by the Government to lend hand to those who are qualified for a claim. If you feel that you are eligible for the Tax Credits claim, call HMRC Tax Credits phone number.

If you are taking care of at least one kid, you are entitled for Child Tax Credits. If you are working but with low salary, you may be entitle for Working Tax Credits claim. In some instances, you can claim both.

The total amount of benefits that you can receive depend on number of factors such as how much you earn, how many children are under your responsibility, whether or not you live with someone as married, if you are working, if you are paying for childcare or if you or the child you are taking care has a disability.

About HMRC

HMRC is a division of the UK Government that is in charge for the collection of taxes and tax credits among many other responsibilities. They amass tax through Insurance Premium Tax, National Insurance, Income Tax, VAT, Excise Duty and Tax Credits.

The union of the Inland Revenue and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise that took effect in 2005 created HMRC. The branch has about 67,000 workers and has the worst record for member morale all through the existing government branches. The main office is can be found at 100 Parliament Street, London. It is also responsible for some big changes like changing all managers to the PAYE system.

Renewing Tax Credits

It is very important to know the deadline when applying to renew your Tax Credits claim. Give Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number a call on 0843 506 9864 and speak to consultant to know more about the deadlines, how you renew and long would be the process of renewing. You can also inquire about renewing Tax Credit claim with a renewal pack.

When to Pay

The customer service support will explain to you about the payment dates and dates on bank holidays like early payment dates.


Benefits Consultant

Contacting Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number on 0843 506 9864, the highly trained customer support will clarify for you of how much you may be entitled to claim and the benefits that you can receive.

Changes That Affect Your Tax Credits

Changes in your case can change the total amount of claim that you can receive from the Tax Credits. Just dial 0843 506 9864 Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number and a member of the customer service department will  details how this may influence you and how you inform them to the office.

There are many cases where you need help. If you contact Tax Credits customer services, one of the consultants will guide you with other things such as:

  • Childcare and Tax Credits

If you are or not entitled for childcare tax credits such as discount vouchers for childcare.

  • Tax Credits Claim for another person

Authorization form TC689 is a claim form for another person, like for example, if your kid has a baby.

  • Amend a mistake

How to amend an error on any Tax Credit claim form like details about a new award notice.

Child Tax Credits

Child Tax Credits can be for anyone with at least one kid. There are recent changes to the benefits, but have made more available to lone parents or those who have low salary. You need not to be in work to claim for Child Tax Credits, it is okay if you are unemployed and it will not affect making a claim. Child Tax Credits begin at around £545 per year and can increase to £2750. As a single individual in charge for taking care of a child, you should be the one make a claim. If there are a number of applications from the same kid parents, the result can either be denied or delayed.

Child Tax Credits is a proven and tested benefit and is based on your income and personal situation. To talk about your qualification for the Child Tax Credits claim, feel free to call 0843 506 9864 Tax Credits Customer Service Phone Number.

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