0844 496 4343 Sony PS4 Customer Service Number

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Sony PS4 Customer Services Telephone Number 0844 496 4343

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Call 0844 496 4343 Sony PS4 Customer Service Number to talk to Sony PlayStation customer support team.

Our Sony PS4 Customer Service Number will direct connect you to the Sony PS4 technical support. This contact number is for specifically for technical PS4 Support, PS3 or help with Playstation Network.

Easy Connect UK provide this 0844 496 4343 Sony PS4 Customer Service Number independently and they are not connected to Sony or PlayStation.


Sony have charmed and surprised us for years with their state-of-art technology innovation. But, there are times that things go wrong and that is when a consumer’s need to contact the customer service support and ask help. From yellow lights of death (YLOD) in the original PS3 to the connection problems or security issue on the Playstation Network, Sony customer support team have been there to address their  concerns.

Sony PlayStation and the PlayStation Network (PSN)

One of the best world’s favourite video consoles is Sony PlayStation. The first PlayStation was introduced in 1994 and from there, Sony continues releasing another game console versions and today, PS4 released in UK in 2013 was the latest unit. Sony PlayStation has always been in the forefront of gadgets and gizmos and remains to be the main source of entertainment in UK and across the world.

PS3 characterized a big leap forward from past versions as Sony added many new features and functions other than just enjoying playing. With PS3 connected to your home network, you can surf the web, download apps such as YouTube, Netflix and LOVEFiLM in order to stream movies straight to your TV and a DNLA Media Player to watch video and play music from your home PC. Therefore, Sony PS3 and Sony PS4 is the flagship of family’s multimedia entertainment.

0844 496 4343 Sony PS4 Customer Service Number

By dialing 0844 496 4343 you will be directly connected to the official UK Sony customer support team. This Playstation contact number is listed here in order for people to ask assistance with their video console, get Sony PS4 support or inquire about Playstation Network. Before calling, be sure that your Playstation is in your hands. Sony customer support also advises that you have the console serial number ready before calling.

Where to Find the Playstation Serial Number?

The serial number on the PS3 is can be found on the white sticker placed at the back of the console (where all the cables plug in). On your Sony PS4, it can be found under the model number on the side of the game console. The serial number looks like a long barcode and contains both letters and numbers.

Availability of the Sony PS4 number Helpline

Sony PS4 Customer Service Number is open from 8am to 10 pm Mondays to Fridays and 10 am to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays. The best time to call the Sony PS4 support is either at the end of the opening hours. Either after they open their lines or before they close. If you choose to call on the latter, be sure you have enough time to talk your problem with them.


Sony PS4 Frequently Asked Questions

Latest Sony PS4 System Software Update

Sony PS4 system software is now available. You will have to upgrade your Sony PS4 system software to this version.

Playing on other Sony PS4 when you are not at home

Playing games you buy from PlayStation Store

Video games you can buy can be downloaded and played on any Sony PS4 if you register in PlayStation Network. There is no limit on the number of use of the system. Only you can start playing with the games you download.

Enjoying Benefits from Playstation Plus

If you register in PlayStation Plus, you can subscribe to PSN from any Sony PS4 system and like your subscribers benefits.

*You can play up to two systems simultaneously, the Sony PS4 activated as your “main” Sony PS4 system, and one other system.

Playing games on Blu-ray Discs

You can share with your friends the Blu-ray Disc games and play used Blu-ray Disc games on your Sony PS4 system just like on the PS3 system. You don’t have to connect to the internet or pay any usage fees to enjoy playing used games.

How to Display Friends List

Corresponding with the release of Sony PS4, you can become friends with about 2,000 people on PSN. You can see your friends list on any device you have registered to with your PSN account. The numbers of players showed varies in each of the device:

Sony PS4: All your friends list are showed

PS3: About 100100 players are on the display

PS Vita: All of your friends lists are can be displayed. But, some of the titles will be limited to the just 100 friends.

Smartphone or other devices with installed PlayStation App: All your friends list are showed

Sharing your “main” Sony PS4 system at home

Sharing games you bought from PlayStation Store

The video games you download are can be played by users who share your Sony PS4 system, like family and friends. You do not have to sign in to the system for other users to play the game.

Sharing the advantages from PlayStation Plus

If you sign in PlayStation Plus, subscribers benefits like online multiplayer features can be played by players  who share your Sony PS4 system. You need not to sign in to the system for other users to play the game.

Which 100 Players are Showed?

If you receive or sent a Friend requests that have not been yet, about 10 of the most recent Friend request receivers and 10 of the latest Friend request senders are being displayed.

How your Friends are Revealed:

Your online Friends are showed until the limit of 100 players is achieved when the sum of players from point (1) and your latest online Friends numbers is more than 100.

Your offline Friends are also exhibited till the limit of 100 players is gotten when the total of players from point (1) and latest online Friends numbers is less than 100.

You need to log out of PSN and then sign in again or update the players who are shown. You need also to sign out to all other devices that signed in to PSN on.

To know more about Sony PS4 of if you need any technical assistance setting up your game console or any concerns regarding setting up Sony PS4 system, don’t hesitate to give Easy Connect UK a ring for Sony PS4 Customer Service Number – 0844 496 4343.

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