0843 902 2038 Scottish Power Phone Number Helpline

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Scottish Power Customer Services Number 0843 902 2038

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.


Dial 0843 902 2038, contact number for Scottish Power for general service, energy efficiency and priority service questions.

As one of the major suppliers of utilities in UK, Scottish Power contact number is a consistent demand from their patrons and possible clients. Scottish Power customer service number has been set up to handle any queries and concerns about the company.  Luckily, the customer service support team of the Scottish Power is very friendly to assist anyone calling on their helpline.

One of the best ways in which businesses and companies wins customer loyalty and attract new clients is through the quality of the customer support.  When the call is concerning with the billing, a complaint or a technical fault, their customer assistants are always willing to go the extra mile to find solutions.

Scottish Power is a vertically combined energy company with its head office in Glasgow, Scotland. It was once a part of the FTSE 100 Index but in 2006, it became a subordinate of the Spanish utility Iberdrola.

It is the distribution network operator for central and southern Scotland, North Wales and Merseyside. Scottish Power is also the Transmission Owner for the south of Scotland. The company also provides electricity and gas to houses and business around the UK and produces power for supply to the grid. It holds PPM Energy in the US.

General Service Queries

If you have general customer service questions, then call Scottish Power customer services contact number on 0843 902 2038. The contact number for Scottish Power can guide you with the wide arrays of issues such as creating a new account, questions about your tariff, moving between energy suppliers and payment options.

Energy Efficiency Queries

If your concern is about energy efficiency, give Scottish Power customer service number a ring on 0843 902 2038. By calling this number, you can get help and assistance and improve your energy efficiency. The customer service assistant will explain how your consumption is charged in your bills. They can also assist you with the energy initiatives run by the government. Scottish Power customer services telephone number available 8am-8pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Priority Service Queries

0843 902 2038 is Scottish Power telephone number to register for priority services. This is a division of the Scottish Power’s carefree scheme. If you’re carefree member, you will be given a personal password to identify yourself. This password will be given to any Scottish Power member who needs to visit your account so that you are able to instantaneously identify them. Over the Carefree helpline, you can also have your bill read to you if you’re a partially sighted. If you need electricity for medical equipment, Carefree will make sure that the energy supply is kept.

If you have complaints about Scottish Power services or if your problem has not by addressed by Scottish Power customer services telephone number, then you can file complaint with the Energy Supply Ombudsman. The Energy Supply Ombudsman is self-governing body, which assist customers resolve issues and concerns that happen occur between energy suppliers and their customers. You can also request that your local MP to file complaint with the Ombudsman on your behalf.


Common problems why people should call the Scottish Power customer services

Gas Leak or Other Emergency – What You Need to Do

If you feel that you’re in an emergency concerning with Scottish power product, the best thing to do is act as fast as possible. This is one of the reasons why online support will be enough to replace calling the customer services contact number. The slow turnaround of the web-based assistance will never match the reply you are getting with a direct call.

Anybody who has experience gas leak or a fault with his or her electricity should immediately contact Scottish Power customer services number. The customer service team will evaluate the seriousness of the case and send a member of their technical support team as soon as possible to address the problem.

How to Make a Compliant

Though the company has its online portals that allow customers to file complaints against the company or one of their employees, there’s quite long improvement on these. Many people perceive that these contact forms are just a way to express feeling without getting any solutions to iron things out.

The most effective way to resolve any issues and concerns concerning with your complaint is to give Scottish Power customer service a ring. For sure, they have dedicated teams that deal with your kind of problem and they are highly skilled to help you get answers and solutions.

In general, the Scottish Power customer services contact number, 0843 902 2038 can offer next steps towards serving their customers that are pleasing to both parties. Strong problem-solving skill is one of the many reasons why customer service of a company is highly respected.

Issue with Billing or Payment

Regardless of whether you have been overpriced by Scottish power or are can’t pay your electricity now, gas or utilities bill, it is best contacting the Scottish Power contact number. Unlike many businesses, their customer assistants are trained to be more passionate to serve people with any matters.

If you paid too much for your utilities, calling Scottish Power customer services will be able to issue you a refund or in extreme cases, – arrange further reimbursement. This refund can come in cheque, payment directly to your bank account or deduction to your future bills.

For people who can’t pay their bill, Scottish Power phone number team can create reimbursement plans that match their customers and can get rid of the burden on families in suffering. Their customer support team can also provide assistance on how to cut your bills in the future.

Scottish Power Phone Number Helpline 0843 902 2038

It is possible to either read the details that the post on their webpage about the  services that they provide or the generic answers which they post that reply to all of the questions that Scottish Power customer support find themselves responding most often. The latter can eradicate the need to call the number for Scottish Power customer services that the Easy Connect UK provides it here, but there’s a possibility that the customer needs personalized advice but attempts to find the time to call.

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