How we manage information we learn about you from visiting our site depends on what you do when you visit our site. Easy Connect UK is committed to keeping safe any information collected directly from you to the maximum extent possible and issues notifications about its report systems that include personally identifiable information in the Federal Register.

Easy Connect UK Privacy Policy

By accessing or using the Easy Connect UK Web site, you comply with the terms of the Easy Connect UK Privacy Policy, as defined below. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use or access this site. Easy Connect UK reserves the right to alter the Online Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole judgment. Your use of this site will be subject to the latest version of the Easy Connect UK Privacy Policy at the time of such use.

Collection of Personal Information

Easy Connect UK develops and keeps a database (the “Database”) of company and individual profiles (“Profiles”).

Information gathered for the progress of an individual Profile and/or published in an individual Profile on the Easy Connect UK may include name, company, title, present position, prior position, publications, salary, articles by, about, links to social media postings by, quoting a person, or about the person, professional contact information and similar information.

Information accumulated for the progress of a company Profile and/or issued in a company Profile on Easy Connect UK may include the name and title of the company’s officers and specific company employees, information collected from the company or issued by third parties.

Our Sources of Information

Easy Connect UK accumulates information about people and companies from a wide selection of free and other sources such as company websites, company blogs, press releases, news articles, non-confidential corporate records or reports (for example, SEC filings), social media sites, magazines, and other content issued by or on behalf a company or divulged by data brokers or third parties in agreement with their terms and conditions for the accumulation, disclosure, and sharing of information.

Easy Connect UK also gathers information about people and companies from government publications in accord with their terms and conditions for the release and sharing of information.

Easy Connect UK may also get some Information straight from the person or company whose profile is featured in our record.

Lastly, members and other third parties who know facts about a certain person or business may add some information to our Databank about that person (name, email, title, contact number, social media profile (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) or company (name, URL, phone, address, business, income, employee count) if they want.

How Your Personal Information Is Used

Easy Connect UK accumulates your information to save and support your membership in the activities you choose. For example, if you order a product that is to be downloaded, the information is used to record your license and rights, if any, to upgrade rebates, customer support or much other assistance that may be made available to registered users. If you join a contest, information is gathered to certify the entry and contact you about the contest or prize awards. The information that you give is also used as part of our work to keep you knowledgeable about special offers, product upgrades and other products and services of Easy Connect UK and chosen third parties.

Easy Connect UK will not dispose or disseminate your private information to other businesses or companies for marketing or other advertising purposes.

Safety of Your Private Information

The private information that you give lives on a protected server that only chosen Easy Connect UK people and contractors have access to through password. Easy Connect UK encrypts your private information and in that way, averts illegal parties from viewing such information when it is sent to Easy Connect UK.

Payment Card Information

Easy Connect UK don’t save payment or credit card numbers. This information is transmitted immediately to our payment card processing service, which is mandated to use this information only for the preparing of each particular transaction.

Once registered for the Service, a member is able to add businesses to his or her watch lists and automatic search agents. We will recover and share information of interest to a member, such as important events, contact number, address and names of contacts on the businesses that the member needs to watch.


When you visit Easy Connect UK website, you can browse the site incognito and access important information without showing your identity. To improve our web site, we use “cookies” to monitor your visit. A cookie is small amount of data that is transmitted to your web browser by a Web server and can only be read by the server that provided it to you. It works as your identification card, saving your passwords, acquisitions, and favorites. It cannot be completed as code or deliver viruses.

Most web browsers are primarily set to accept cookies. You can set your web browser to inform you when you accept a cookie, granting you the opportunity to choose whether to accept it. (For some websites that need an approval, cookies are not discretionary. Web users agreeing not to accept cookies will perhaps not be able to visit those pages.)

While Easy Connect UK uses cookies to monitor your web visit, and our Web servers by design log the IP/Internet address of your computer, this information does not recognize you personally and you remain nameless unless you have otherwise gave Easy Connect UK with private information.


If a person agrees with Easy Connect UK through email or other method about his or her activities on the site, Easy Connect UK will consider that or other agreement as usual business correspondence and will hold it based on its standard corporate information retention policies.

Unsolicited E-Mail

Easy Connect UK will only send an e-mail to parties who give authorization for Easy Connect UK to do so. If you sign up to any Easy Connect UK e-newsletters, Easy Connect UK gives the choice to unsubscribe at any time.

IP Addresses

Easy Connect UK uses IP addresses to help detect problems with our web servers and to run the site. As a rule, IP addresses inform us the whereabouts from which an individual is connecting to us, which parts of our website the user is browsing and what service provider the person is using. We keep the right to monitor IP addresses for the intentions of fraud prevention, and we keep the right to issue IP addresses to legal authorities.

Social Media

Our website has social media, such as the Facebook Like button, Twitter Share button and hosted apps that open the social media sites. These Features may gather your IP address and which page you are browsing on our site and may set a cookie to allow the Feature to work well. Your interactions with these features are administered by the privacy policy of our website.


Easy Connect UK uses business standard security measures to secure the loss, exploitation, and unauthorized access, disclosure, change and destruction of the information under our control. We have taken measures to keep personal information once it is received by or available through the web, including but not restricted to the following: servers and data save in a protected location, limited and guided access by workers, security software and hardware such as encryption, Secure Socket Layers and firewalls where fitting and practical.

Privacy-related complaints

If you believe we at the Easy Connect UK have not obeyed with this Privacy Policy with respect to your private information, you may write Easy Connect UK Privacy Officer at our address.

In your letter, please define in as much detail as possible the behaviors in which you consider that Easy Connect UK Privacy Policy has not fulfilled. We will immediately study your complaint.

Please keep in mind that if you give Easy Connect UK with unpredictable privacy preferences, Easy Connect UK cannot assure that your latest privacy preference will be honored.

In addition, please note that Easy Connect UK is not accountable for the content or privacy practices of non-Easy Connect UK websites or any other Easy Connect UK website may connect.

Notification of Changes to the Privacy Policy

If we want to change our Privacy Policy, we will post change to this Privacy Policy so people are always informed of what information we accumulate, under what circumstances, how we use it, if any, we divulge it. If however, we are going to use person private information in a way different from that stated at the time of accumulation, we would inform you by sending an e-mail specified in your account or by publishing a notification on our website, or conform with other procedures as mandated by applicable laws, prior to the change becoming in effect. We want you to regularly review this page for the most recent information on our privacy policy practices.

Easy Connect UK operates in the United Kingdom. Its practices with respect to the management of Profile or private Information are rule by the laws of the United Kingdom, except for its disputes of law principles, and will be dependent on the lone and private authority and ground of the courts settled in United Kingdom.