0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number

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Parcelforce Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 903 3487

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

To monitor the status of your parcel or ask about the services Parcelforce offers call them at 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number.

One of the most trusted and value-for-money delivery services in the world today is Parcelforce. For the cost of £8.95, you can send an item anywhere in the world and it is based on its weight and size. For sending parcel the next day in UK, it only incurred you £10.30 while the delivery within 2 days costs you £4.  They offer high quality of customer services and they can easily be contacted through 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number. This service is the main rival of Royal Mail when it comes to both prices and performance. If you want to know more about the services provided by Parcelforce, call 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number.


Why Call Parcelforce Customer Service Number?

  • Your item has not been delivered timely or at all
  • You want to reschedule the delivery
  • You want to make complaint
  • You want to keep track your parcel with a Parcelforce tracking number

About Parcelforce

In 1883, the parcel post subordinate of the Royal Mail was built, though parcels were kept delivered through train companies for many years. The Royal Mail was divided into three parts in 1986, and in 1990, the name “Parcelforce” was established. In 2012, Royal Mail publicized that it has invested75 million in Parcelforce over four years and this was to add the improvement of the new processing centers in Hampshire, Lancashire and Cornwall.

How Helpful are the Parcelforce Customer Service Team?

Parcelforce is United Kingdom and international parcel delivery service. In order to monitor that status of your parcel, feel free to call 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number.

 It is a marketing name of the Royal Mail. It provides services to all countries around the world and delivers about 2 million of parcels every day in 34 countries in Europe alone. The main office is headquartered in Milton Keynes and it has about 5000 employees. Parcelforce central station is one the biggest buildings in UK and can hold up to 60,000 items and parcels. The goal of Parcelforce is to be the best and most reliable worldwide courier service and the customer service support team of Parcelforce has an excellent record of delivery client satisfaction.

Parcelforce Customer Service – 0843 903 3487

Parcelforce has a crew of highly trained and committed customer service support that is willing to help and deal with any kinds of problems with the company. They offer advice and support on the carious Parcelforce delivery services that are available, including foreign shipping services, track and trace of parcel service and recorded delivery options.

You may also want to call the Parcelforce Customer Service if your item has been damaged while in transit. They will be able to explain to you about the claim process and talk about the amount of repayment that you will be able to get for your item.

Even though Parcelforce has it online quotes, parcel tracking, billing and payment as well as booking of collections, it is sometimes much easier to directly speak to a customer service member by calling the 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number. If you have never experienced sending a parcel before, then it can be difficult to know exactly how much the service will cost and to make comparisons of the prices. Getting the wrong service could mean your items may not be collected or will be delivered to its desired destination very late, therefore it is very important to find out exactly what you are doing before making use of the online service

Parcelforce Opening Hours

Parcelforce customer service phone number can be reached by calling 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number and it is open from 8am to 730pm, Mondays to Fridays, on Saturdays 830am to 5pm and on Sundays from 9am to 5pm ( excluding bank holidays). However, before you contact them make sure you have went through the Parcelforce FAQs in their official website because from there you can get answers from common queries as what needs to be done when you have missed a delivery or how to arrange a parcel delivery to an alternative destination.


Always remember that Parcelforce customer services contact number is very busy at special holidays like Christmas, so you have to wait in the line for so long before talking to a customer service representative. You should not be annoyed or frustrated and keep in mind that you are not alone in waiting queue. You should all the information of your inquiry or delivery ready such as the reference numbers before making a call in order not to waste time while speaking of customer service advisor. This will help both parties address the problem of inquiry a lot faster and more efficient and decrease the possibility of order mix-ups because people having same names to you as well.

Parcelforce Phone Number – 0843 903 3487

Parcelforce has over 100 depots located around the UK. If you have inquiries regarding to a parcel that has been delivered to one of these warehouses, then you can directly contact them by calling 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number. Call the storehouse to reorganize a delivery that was set when you were away. If you have received a wrong item, then you will need to call the local Parcelforce warehouse.

There may be details on what Parcelforce depository your order was delivered to on the parcel packaging or you can check out Parcelforce postage receipt. You can also do a research of the local Parcelforce office online or ask the dispatcher for further information.

But, if you are still unsure of what Parcelforce depot your order has been delivered to, don’t hesitate to contact on 0843 903 3487 Parcelforce Customer Service Number and for sure, they will put your call in the right Parcelforce warehouse.

If you are still unsure of what depot your parcel has been sent to, then you can call the main Parcelforce phone number and they will be able to put you through to the right Parcelforce depot.

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