0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number

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Natwest Contact Telephone Number 0843 902 2045

 Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Natwest Contact Phone Number – 0843 902 2045

You can directly call the Natwest customer service support team by simply dialing 0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number. The contact number is a direct number and has been provided by Easy Connect UK to all customers and users to provide more convenience. We, at Easy Connect UK are committed to provide the best value of telephone directory in UK by using cheap numbers. We have arranged all the phone numbers in a way that callers can straight connect to the right customer service department. We have been unceasingly adding easy-to-access phone numbers to better our customer service.


Natwest – Who Are They

One of the biggest national banks in UK is Natwest, it provided a wide range of services including how to save, invest, arrange and protect your investment. Customers can select to create an existing account or savings account with Natwest’s Personal Banking service or should they meet a specific criterion, they can choose for Private Banking for a more personalized banking experience. Natwest Private Banking service gives its members the chance to enjoy their exclusive products and services, own loyal bank manager and 24 hours and 7 days customer support.

Natwest provide customer support and assistance with their investments, savings, mortgages, loans and even credit cards as well as good packages Home insurance, Life insurance and Vehicle insurance. NatWest also offers travel’s insurance for people who wants to travel abroad as well as offer ways to easily access and handle money while in a foreign country.

With Natwest, you either choose to go with online banking, through mobile or over the phone, giving you more means to check and manage expenses, wherever you are in the world.

Calling 0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number can help you with:

  • Registering Natwest telephone banking service
  • Handling your Natwest online banking account
  • Resolving your problem with recent bank statements like discrepancies on your account
  • Looking for the best type of private account for you
  • Asking advice about savings, investment, loans, mortgages or credit cards
  • Changing accounts, updating important private information, moving money or how to make payments

About Natwest

Natwest is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, providing personal, private and corporate banking solutions customer-fit to your needs. It was first built in 1968 through a union of National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank. Today, it has approximately 1600 branches and about 3400 ATM machines countrywide, serving over 8 million members and having around 900,000 of small business accounts.

Since Royal Bank of Scotland has completely acquired Natwest in 2000, it has become a member of the biggest financial banks in the world. The total takeover deal cost £21 million and is reported to be the most prevalent buyout in British banking history.


Contact Natwest – 0843 902 2045

Natwest is a major bank in UK. It provides best products and services for groundbreaking and ordinary businesses both small and large corporate investors. The huge selection of products ranges from investments, savings, mortgages and loans. The customer service assistants at Natwest are highly skilled, and they always assure to give the best solution to your problems.

We are an independent company, and are devoted to giving the best-structured customer service numbers for your customer use. Natwest also have expert team of customer services representatives who can guarantee that you can change your accounts perfectly. The customer service assistants make sure to guide accordingly and address your problems properly.

Call the 0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number, and first you will be connected to an automated menu. This menu will offer selections to directly connect you to the right customer department about your inquiry. Lastly, you will be able to speak to a customer service support assistant who will help you in the quickest time possible.

Natwest is always providing extensive items including savings accounts, existing accounts, loans, mortgages, debit and credit cards and etc. suit all the clients and businesses. It is best to call 0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number to assure that your query or concern is handled in the most experienced and kindest way.

When you place a call from the BT landline, calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge. Just in case, the caller uses another landline or a smartphone, it may cost you additional fees. In addition, the caller should be older than 18 years and above and should have the permission of the bill payer to make a call.

What Services Do Natwest Offer?

Existing accounts

Natwest provides four major kinds of existing accounts: You main account for non-monthly charge: a Silver account for £10 per month also lets you avail to film previews, new music and packages on Europe travel; a Platinum account for £16 per month offers vehicle and mobile insurance, free travel and a student account for individuals in college university.


Natwest offers three types of insurance coverage – Home insurance includes with a 24-hour phone line in the event of emergency, car insurance that provides a nine year no claims discount and £1000 in car cover including Sat Navs, stereos, etc. and life insurance that will insure you die or involved in a serious injury.


Clients with a Natwest existing account can lend from £1000 up to £25000 with permanent once-a-month payments. There are also auto loans and home development loans. The 0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number can help you get a loan or solutions to any queries you in mind.


Natwest provides mortgages for their customers who want to buy a property. Current customers need to call Natwest customer services telephone number if they are transferring home need to lease or change information.

Credit Cards

Natwest offers seven kinds of credit cards, for each with their own intention of whether you are high earner, low-income work or a student. Calling 0843 902 2045 Natwest Contact Phone Number will able to give you the best advice on which choice is perfect for you.

Natwest Number Helpline – 0843 902 2045

Before calling the Natwest customer service number, make sure you have your account details at hand. It will help customer service assistant access information and offer the best level of customer service.

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