0843 902 2036 N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline

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N POWER Customer Service Contact Number 0843 902 2036

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

0843 902 2036 N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline

The phone number provided here by Easy Connect UL is a direct number to the N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline. Just dial 0843 902 2036 to have all your inquiries and concerns addressed quickly.


N POWER is one of UK’s leading energy company providers. Their customer services support department can be frantic huge numbers of calls every day. In this case, finding a number that provide a direct call can be unquestionably the best choice. The number provided by us in this page is a direct contact number. In addition, the callers do not have to go through any third party who asks a number of queries such as what is the purpose of your call before they can connect you to the right N POWER customer services department.

UK energy market is controlled by what the press has named the “Big Six” energy suppliers, such as British Gas and SSE. N POWER is among the team of biggest, supplying local and business gas and energy to approximately 7 millions of customers in the country.

It was first known as Innogy before another German energy provider, RWE, rebranded N POWER during a buyout. From that day on, they have are called N POWER. Sticking to what they offer best, the energy provider have made their major interest that of exclusively providing gas and power, not like some of their competitors who have tried other products. However, N POWER underwent some major issue in the pasty as most of their customers have switched to their rivals because they were discovered not paying tax.

Who Are N POWER?

N POWER has over 11,500 employees around the UK. Their main office is currently headquartered in Swindon, England. The energy company was founded in 2000 under the name of Innogy PLC and it in 2002 it was called RWE N POWER PLC.

To talk to one of their highly trained customer service assistants and ask support, call 0843 902 2036 N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline.

N POWER Customer Services Number 0843 902 2036

N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline provided here by Easy Connect UK is open 24/7. The customer service representatives are skilled and competent to give you information on what services they are offering as well as assist you in any other inquiries you have in mind.

The price of gas and energy is very expensive these days; most of the electric companies give their best to set themselves apart from the rest. Thus, the best way they do to create an impressive impact on their clients and possible customers is to do very well when it comes to the level the customer service provided. When you call 0843 902 2036 N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline you will directly connected to the right customer services department. You will see how committed the customers service assistants who make an effort to address your problem or give the best quality of service.

When you dial the N POWER customer services contact number from a BT landline, calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge. In the event, the N POWER contact number is dialed from another phone line or smartphone, the costs may be a little more expensive or there may be extra fees associated with the call made.

Easy Connect UK is an autonomous telephone directory and call routing service, which provides these services, and has no connection with any other businesses or companies discussed here.

N POWER recommends the bill payer to call the operator on how much it will rate, if the call is made from phone line or smartphone that is different from a BT landline. In addition, the caller must be 18 years of age and above and must be given authorization.


Why Call N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline?

  • I have issues regarding N POWER

As being important to the running of home, gas and energy can also be hazardous. If you suspect that you have gas leak or there is faulty electricity in your home, it is highly advisable that you call 0843 902 2036 N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline immediately so that they take actions and prevent accident.

In many circumstances, N POWER will send an electrician or gasman to check the situation as soon as possible. N POWER phone number is open 24/7, one of their operators will able to visit your home within house, which means that you can relax and have peace of mind in an instant.

  • I have problem with my payment and billings

The fact that gas and energy power are one of the main expenses of any homes, paying your electric bills can sometimes be a headache. The last thing you want to do is to forget and ignore it hoping it will go away.

Though some people do not believe this, companies are dying to help their customers pay their bills in the ways that fits them. If you cannot make payment for your bills for now, calling 0843 902 2036 N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline will lighten your worries as they will be able to assist you.

N POWER billing department is able to give you options and payment plans, which is suitable for customer who are under financial problems. Aside from the customer repayment plan, the customer service representative can give you information and techniques about how to save energy power and change the way you use your electricity.

  • I want to make complaint about the N POWER service or the member of the N POWER

Even though N POWER has excellent level of customer service that was proven in almost all surveys conducted by energy industry, there will be some people who are not happy with service provided. Like their rivals, N POWER is recommending to use the online system to make complaints.

Expert has established that this method of making people make complaints online has benefit of allowing customers to become less annoyed and easy  by the time their problem is addressed as well as decreasing the job of the N POWER customer service support. However, longer time of response make customers angrier.

If you have any complaint regarding N POWER or one of their staffs, the easiest and fastest way still is contacting N POWER Customer Service Number Helpline on 0843 902 2036. From there, a representative of the energy company can give quick response to resolve your problem or advice of ways to make the most of their service.

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