0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline

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Contact Number for LoveFilm 0843 504 1582

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Watch your favorite movie! Call 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline to talk about subscriptions or movie rental and film streaming services.

Love Film Customer Services Phone Number – 0843 504 1582

Our LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline will direct connect you to the Love Film main inquiry line and their customer service support team will be glad to assist you. Even if the service has now been rebranded Amazon Prime Instant Video, the 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline is still in demand.

The LoveFilm customer service support team is able to handle all types of problems or issues and be able to guide you if you want to make a complaint, need to terminate or would like to subscriber for the service. However, it is considered that they are now officially under the comprehensive Amazon support staff, even if little else about the system of the organization has changed.


Call LoveFilm Customer Services Contact Number for:

  • Creating or upgrading an account
  • Reporting a problem about the film streaming
  • Reporting about the lost DVD or Blu-ray

About LoveFilm

LoveFilm is a home video rental service based in UK. The formats it uses comprise a mail order service and video streaming on demand. To create a LoveFilm account and start watching films, call 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline. The service currently expands to UK, Scandinavia and Germany. It is a division of Amazon, the huge retailer. It has reached 2 million subscribers in 2012 and a network of 70,000 titles and about 4 million Blu-ray, DVD or games rentals every month. LoveFilm has become the biggest VD rental and streaming service in UK for a couple of years. It previously presented a download service until in 2009 when it turned to be a streaming service. Today, LoveFilm has about 500 employees and their main office is located in London.

What is LoveFilm?

Amazon has owned LoveFilm since 2011. Members who become users pay a monthly fee to LoveFilm to get a choice of media such as TV Series, Films and Games. LoveFilm have a wide range of more than 70,000 DVDs and Games and just recently, have released Love film Instant, where members can stream their favorite film straight through their laptop.

Netflix is one of the biggest competitors of LoveFilm and there were late in the UK market but have become very popular. It is thought that Amazon Prime Instant Video/ LoveFilm are the second in the industry, but they are still the number when it comes to delivering DVDs and Games to UK subscribers and homes.

LoveFilm Instant is now rebranded as Amazon Prime Instant Video

Prime Instant Video comprises the same romantic and great films and TV shows, and the same apps for Tablets and TVs. You will also push on to love the same great collection of DVDs and Blu-ray discs you have loved with your LoveFilm membership.

You can change to Amazon account to update your LoveFilm account details to an Amazon account so you can keep on using your current subscription on Amazon.co.uk. Changing is easy and you can simply create a new Amazon account if you do not have one.

You cannot use your subscription on Amazon.co.uk, if you have not changed your account.

If you want to terminate your account, you cannot reactivate it. If you want to subscribe again, you need to create a new account on Amazon.co.uk.

After, you transfer to the Amazon Instant Video, you can buy or rent from the wide collection of more than 150,000 films and TV series or enjoy the more than 40,000 films of unlimited streaming. So what are you waiting for? Dial the 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline today!


LoveFilm History

LoveFilm is the created from the result of several unions. The three main unions were Online Rentals Limited, Video Island and the original company, Screen Select. Paul Gardner and Graham Bosher introduced Online Rentals Limited in 2002. A year later, William Reeve and Alex Chesterman launched Screen Select. In 2005, LoveFilm and Screen Select were rivals, with Screen Select the number one until LoveFilm was acquired by Amazon’s DVD rental service and so, Amazon became the largest stockholder in the company. In 2012, Kindle Fire was launched; LoveFilm was fully merged into the product, and was trailed by a number of other devices such as iPad/iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

What LoveFilm Do Offer?

LoveFilm offers two kinds of packages based on how you choose to watch the movies: LoveFilm Instant allows you to watch films instantaneously, streamed to your TV, PC, video console and other devices, while LoveFilm by Post through which clients will receive DVDs or Blu-Rays in the mail. Movie-watchers can also choose from a huge selection of differently priced packages, based on how many discs they want to get every month and how many they want watch to at a time. Subscribers are incurred per month based on the package they select, and can terminate at any time. LoveFilm also provides a 30-day free trial to new subscribers. Use the 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline provided here by the Easy Connect UK to get more information about subscription and account inquiries.

Can I terminate my account over the phone?

No companies want to see their subscribers leave their service and LoveFilm is no different. However, it is clear that you may want to experience different services. With lots of other services on the market including Netflix, there are various options for customers. If you made a decision to change to another service, it is best if you call 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline to talk about your choices and assure that your account is close properly.

When Can I Contact LoveFilm Customer Service Support Team?

The Amazon Prime (LoveFilm) customer service support team is open seven days a week from 6:00 am until 12:00 midnight. Give them a ring by calling the number provided here by Easy Connect UK.

For all account queries or issues on switching your service to Amazon Prime, do not hesitate to call 0843 504 1582 LoveFilm Contact Us Number Helpline!

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