0843 903 3452 Lloyds Bank Contact Us Number Helpline

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Lloyds Bank Customer Service Number 0843 903 3452

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Why Call 0843 903 3452 Lloyds Bank Contact Us Number Helpline?

Lloyds Bank is the best way to handle your finances with the bank wherever you are or anytime you want.

With Lloyds Bank Contact Us Number Helpline, you can:

  • Make payment or transfer between accounts
  • Monitor your balance or overdraft and request an increased limit, if necessary.
  • Manage credit card accounts and payments
  • Pay billings using the Lloyds Bank no-wait automated service
  • Talk to a representative for bank advice
  • Ask assistance if you have lost your Lloyds Bank security number
  • Make a complaint


More about Lloyds Bank Services

Lloyds Bank is one of the largest banks in UK and it was established in date back in 1765. They provide a wide range of financial services to members and businesses alike, such as:

Current Accounts

Lloyds Bank have two kinds of current account – Club Lloyds current account that is an account that let you earn a tiered interest on your balance as well as exclusive access to other Lloyds products. They also have classic account that offers Visa debit card and access to internet and mobile banking. To make an application for these accounts, call 0843 903 3452 Lloyds Bank Contact Us Number Helpline.

Student Accounts

Lloyds Bank has student and graduate account people studying at a college or university. They offer scheduled overdrafts and a number of features that are intended to help you complete higher education.

Youth Accounts

There are also accounts open to people who are under the age of 19. It offers a Lloyds Visa debit card as well as money off AA driving lessons if you are above 17 years old. They both come with phone and online banking letting you open your finances wherever you might be. You can contact Lloyds Bank on 0843 903 3452 Lloyds Bank Contact Us Number Helpline.

History of Lloyds Bank

Despite its huge success and the influence it has today, Lloyds Bank had its humble beginnings. The founders were in fact button maker named John Taylor and a man named Sampson Lloyd II who created and do business with iron. Together, in Dale End, Birmingham they have established their own private bank. Firstly, the men selected the beehive as the symbol of their company because to them, it symbolized the opportunities of hard work.

Lloyds Bank flourished for nearly 100 years before they had their first branch office that opened in 1864 in Oldbury, just about six miles away. In 1884, their logo changed to black horse because Lloyds Bank assumed Barnett, Hoares & Co, another small bank.

The partnership the bank had with the Taylor family ended in 1852 and the bank transformed into a company with joint stocks to offer in 1865.

If you to know more about the company, you can reach at 0843 903 3452 Lloyds Bank Contact Us Number Helpline.

Lloyds Bank Telephone Number 0843 903 3452

Whatever service of Lloyds Bank that you need, whether you have to speak about the existing accounts, credit cards, loans or mortgages, call 0843 903 3452. The number is direct calls that assure you connect to the right customer service assistant fast and easy, without the need to search online or look through your old bills. Easy Connect UK has directory inquiries to make   sure that you can contact with the companies you have products and service when you want to. It is a straightforward service that can save you more time and effort.

We know that there are times that you just want to pick up the phone and call the Lloyds Bank phone number. However, we also know that life is not always easy and comfortable. With Easy Connect UK, it can be. Our Lloyds Bank customer services telephone number just save the number in your phone and you can contact it anytime you have business with the bank.


How to Register For Lloyds Bank Phone Banking

You have to contact Lloyds Bank for a security number before you start banking with them over the phone. Once you have received the number through post, it will be six-digit number; you can ring the telephone number for Lloyds Bank and talk to one of the customer service member regarding setting up the service. You have to memorize the number and your back account number. This can be seen on one of your statements or on your debit card. After this, you will be asked to give your date of birth.

Once this is set up, you will be able to do one of three things with an automated messaging service: you can hear what your account balance is, what your most recent transactions have been, or ask for an alternative service of your choosing. Simply say, “I want to talk to someone” if you wish to be put through to an operator.

Modern Development and Another Lloyds Phone Number

In the 20th century, Lloyds Bank expanded leaps and bounds significantly by assuming smaller banks. In 1900, Cunliffe Brooks was included to their growing family business and in 1914, Dorset Bank was owned by them too. In 1918, they took over Capital and Counties Bank, their biggest bank. After that, Lloyds bank was hailed one of UK’s top four banks.

They did not stop there because in 1923, Lloyds Bank had about 50 takeovers under their name. Remarkably, Fowler and Company was one of them, the last bank to provide clients and members its own special bank notes.

The first bank problem happened in 1968. It was then that they tried to unite with Martins Bank and Barclays, but unsuccessful and this was because of the presiding by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. However, after one year, they took over Martins.

Lloyds Bank Today

Today, Lloyds Bank continues to be one of the banking capitals in UK. In 1999, it bought the Life Assurance Society and Scottish Widows Fund in 2001; they play a role for Abbey National. The effort was stopped by the rival commission, though. In 2012, they became the official partner of the London Summer Olympics.

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