0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number

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Littlewoods Customer Services Contact Number 0843 903 3453

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Who are Littlewoods?

Littlewoods is one of the online retailers in UK that offers shoppers an excellent way to buy retails items, pay online and even insure them with special policy options. It has wide range of brands and the company is located in Liverpool, England and market to UK and Ireland. In 2005, the company united with another company called Shop Direct. Littlewoods has gone a long way from first being a mail order company in 1923.

Since its early inception, Littlewoods immediately became successful. They sell many popular brands such as Miss Sixty, Adidas, G Star and Sony. Aside from fashion, Littlewoods sells many items for home and offers cheap repayment methods.


Littlewoods Availability

Littlewoods 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number is available from 7am to 11pm Mondays to Fridays.

Why Call 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number?

  • Make changes to your personal details
  • You are a shopper but have not received Littlewoods catalogue
  • Order arrived but parts are missing or damaged
  • You cannot open your account, delivery is late and order has not arrived
  • Cancel order or make complaint
  • A small fee has been incurred and you don’t know why or your payment has not been charged
  • Contact the Littlewoods head office
  • How to open a Littlewoods account

History of Littlewoods

It was among the first of the largest retail shops to lead the pack from high street shops to big new retail developments. This was good move because it enables them to maximize financial incentives that were offered for moving there. However, following the development of online shopping from 1996 onwards Littlewoods stores started to strive and their physical stores gradually started to close. The Moores family sold the Littlewoods business ion 2002 to Barclays brothers for the total amount of £750 million.

Barclays brothers then united Littlewoods with Kays Catalogues and so making a new company called the Shop Direct. Littlewoods 119 stores were closed down in 2005 as they looked to reduce loses and invest more in online shopping websites.

The risk of the company paid off in the 90s up until the introduction of the national lottery. Littlewoods run a creative marketing campaign to determine itself from its competitors which had excellent short term success but the Moores family decided to trade Littlewoods Pools in 2000 to Rodime (partly owned by the bank of Scotland) for the worth of £160 million.

What Can Littlewoods Do?

Littlewoods direct are online and catalogue retailer that owns electronics, entertainment, fashion, sports gear and more. Current shoppers should receive Littlewoods catalogue annually. If it has not arrived, call 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number, it is also open for shoppers and customers who are experiencing problems with their orders being delivered late, there are missing parts or it is damaged. Payments delivered through posts for your chosen item(s) should arrive with Littlewoods in seven days; some other arrives in four. If you are worried that you payment has not been received or you have incurred a small fee more you should, call 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number. You can also use the phone number to cancel order or change details about your name, address or postal code.


Littlewoods Products and Services

Littlewoods is a reputable online retail company.  To know the full range of products the company offers, give Littlewoods Customer Services Number a ring. It sells wide selections of products from clothing, accessories, babywear, and electronics and sports equipment. It also offers a selection of brands from popular clotting brands like AX Paris and electronic company like Beko.

As well as on online retail website, Littlewoods also runs from catalogue. The catalogue has a Buy Now Pay Later” policy, where a shopper can make a credit account and pay for their orders on a monthly bill. It is one of the only shopping website to do this together with the likes of Very and Next. Credit account shoppers do not have to pay for their orders until the next year.  Littlewoods offers click and collect service, where you can shop online and find from easy local collection point. To have further information about this, 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number.

There is no doubt that many people will have been clients of catalogue shopping and more lately, many of us have done shopping using online site. This modernization has been a great advantage for many people who can search the many products on sale from the comfort of their homes and not spending money on your gas because you have to drive through the local shops in your area. Most of the catalogues today are online, as Littlewoods will allow you to have goods on support with substantial time given before undesirable or inappropriate goods have to be returned. Interest rates are quite high with catalogues but provides such as free postage and packing and often always free returns make this easier and more convenient way of shopping. Christmas shopping in specific can be much streamlined by using a catalogue and will save more time and painful arms by having everything delivered to the home while the kids are safely at school. With various offers and with an eye always to the latest styles and trends on the high street, fashion is never bargained and everyone in the family will shop something they lobe in the Littlewoods catalogue. Dial 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number for more info.

Know more about the monetary services of Littlewoods by calling 0843 903 3453 Littlewoods Customer Services Number. Aside from being a retail business, Littlewoods provides financial services too. You can apply for a personal loan, home insurance, company credit card, accident insurance and RAC breakdown policy, in the event that you are stuck in your car and need help.

Overall, Littlewoods almost have everything to insure your needs from online shopping for your family and home, to insuring your purchases in case of any damages. Feel free to use the phone number provided here by the Easy Connect UK to directly connect you to the right department of the company.

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