0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline

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Income Support Customer Services Contact Number 0843 506 9853 

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

You are eligible to income support of about £56 per week if you are on a low salary job or simply cannot work. You must be between the age of 16 and eligibility age of state pension, less than 16 hours per week of work or have good reasons as why you can’t find work like having a disability, sickness or you are working as taking care of your children or other dependents. Call 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline for further information or to find out if can apply for a claim.


Why You Need to Call Income Customer Services Number

  • Make a claim for income support
  • Change an existing claim or request for a failed claim
  • Terminate or amend an appointment

What is Income Support?

Income Support is money that you get if you have low-income job that can’t meet your needs but there are also requirements that needs to be supplied. The idea of Income Support is to allow those people who are having problems with money to sustain their way of living at a satisfactory level. In many situations, this lets people to change into employment from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and other benefits with less worry and hassle.

It is well known that Income Support is one of the not so popular welfare payment provided   by the government of UK. In truth, 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline spends most of its time explaining the payment with people who are not aware that they can apply for a claim.  This is why it always advised that you give a ring if you think you are eligible to get money through the system.

Availability of Income Support Contact Number

Like the rest of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) customer service support, 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline are available on working weeks.  If you have a problem that needs help and support, you can contact from Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 6pm.

In the past, their customer service numbers are available on weekends but this has been cut short since UK Government imposed stricter rules. They are also not available during bank holidays and on dates of some festivals and there is best if you go visit their official Income Support website to know information about this.

Application for Income Support

Applying for income support is easy. What you need to do is contact the government department by using 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline.

These are number that will directly connect to the right customer service department to instruct about the papers and forms you need to comply for income support.   You can also ring them using the contact number to ask questions about the status of your income support.

Income Support customer service number is always important in order to know if you are eligible or not for the support. On condition that you meet the specifics required by law, the process is very simple and you can make it a lot easier by keeping in touch with the customer service department.

Other reasons why you need to have with you the Income Support phone number is the fact that your status of income status may change for the better. If this is so, it is your legal responsibility to report to the authorized people so that they can close disbursing funds. Keep in mind that is unlawful to receive income support if you are not eligible.

That is what you need to become aware of about Income Support. For more information about the services, explanations and clarifications, use the 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline. They are always ready to help you resolve your problem about income support.


How long would it take after applying for Income Support?

Every claim is unique and there is not definite time during which will be administered. Some claims might be longer compare to others because of their complex nature. It is best to call Income Support customer services to know how long it will take your claim to be handled.  In order to get effective and practical advice, do not hesitate to call Income Support contact number and talk to one of the very professional and friendly customer service assistants. It can be maddening for you while waiting on the line for so long. It can take up to 39 weeks before your claim can be processed. Either by the 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline you will have a good idea of how long it will take your case to be resolved.

My application was failed and I would like to appeal again, what I need to do?

It is completely clear that after waiting for a good response, if you receive a verdict that is not in your favor it can be very annoying. Nevertheless, the best way to do is to call 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline to talk to a member of the customer service department. They will try their best to address your problem as quick as possible, assure you that the matter will be reviewed, and be given solution.

Nevertheless, whichever way, if you are not happy and still want to ask for an appeal then call Income Support customer services telephone number and they will run you through the formalities of appeal. A customer service assistant will be able to give information on details like rate to be received, right to your benefit, backdated profits and overpayments. Making a request for an appeal can be a complicated and technical process and you will need support. You can also make a call to a representative of the customer service department that will give you the right assistance needed.

What I need to do to make sickness Income Support claim?

Just recently, the Income Support has transferred the claims for sickness to Employment and Support Allowance team (ESA) that now handles the operation. There are no changes for claim but it is now under a different type of payment name. If you are disordered about this change and unaware who to forward your claim, call 0843 506 9853 Income Support Customer Service Helpline. You can rest assured that their customer service support will give the best level of assistance and customer satisfaction.

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