0843 506 9291 Gumtree Telephone Number Helpline

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Gumtree  Customers Services Number 0843 506 9291

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Part of the eBay community and perhaps the biggest online-classified listings website is Gumtree. Gumtree was founded in 2000 by Simon Crookall and Michael Pennington and was later bought by eBay. Gumtree is open in a number of countries, especially in United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. It has touched about 17% of the British online community making it the UK’s largest online classified ads provider. At first, Gumtree was built to cater service for people who have recently migrated to a city and needs to find a new job, room or friends.


As Gumtree is offering services directly catered to consumers, it has kept in contact with its members. By simply calling 0843 506 9291 Gumtree Telephone Number Helpline, Gumtree users can speak to, look for answers and ask assistance from Gumtree customer service support team. UK Gumtree users are very lucky to have problems addressed despite the fact this company is receiving loads of calls every day.

Gumtree is a customer-based business and thus, goes the extra mile in helping its members and users make the most of site. There are lot of resources that are available online, but calling 0843 506 9291 Gumtree Telephone Number Helpline will provide you a much quicker response.

Gumtree always wants to dominate a wider scope of target audience that attracts to all types of businesses. People use Gumtree to look for almost every type of product or service offered for sale. You can search for jobs, cars, houses, unique pieces and a lot more. Plethora can be searched on Gumtree because the list every day are about 100,000 and every month approximately 1.7 million live ads are documented. In 2015 and for the month of March alone 3,503,377 were posted. If you are living in UK and want to create your first ad on Gumtree, feel free to call 0843 506 9291 Gumtree Telephone Number Helpline for the direct connection to one of the members of the customer service support.

Posting Ad on Gumtree

To post an ad on Gumtree, you must first set up an account. Then, choose the category that you want to post your add in and a sub-category including:

Services: Health and Beauty: Life Coaching

Jobs: Accountancy: Office

Car: Car parts and accessories

Property: Farm Residence

Pets: Dogs: Poodle and Chihuahua

For Sale: Home Appliance: LED television

Community: Music: Wanted band Vocalist

One you have chosen the right category, enter address using the postcode and select whether to add a map on your advertisement so that more people can see and know the exact address. Next, choose 100-character title. Then upload up to nine pictures to help your ad gain interest and replies.  Description is the most crucial part of your advertisement and you can create up to 10,000 characters. You can also link it to your personal website. Then, choose what type of contact do you want, be it phone number or electronic communication.

There are various ways to make your ad stand out and get more attention. Below are the three main options:

Urgent: About three times more views and replies, ideal if you want to hire, rent or sell fast.

Featured: About seven times more views and responses and the advertisement will show up at the top of the listings for three, 7 or 14 days.

Spotlight: Your post will show up on the Gumtree website and will be viewed by millions of users and members.

Using Gumtree for Business

Gumtree is indeed the most popular online classified ad site in UK and has wide range of audience. So, Gumtree believes it use be utilized for business in order to promote and market products, services and job and has a part of the website devoted to the statistics that verify businesses should use the site. Some of the figures are below:

The quantity of visitors per month that can be divided by age or gender.

Statistics on what Gumtree users plan to do in the next year (whether invest in car, perform home enhancements or change professions).

It is the 32nd most visited site in UK with 8.4 million visits in the last month. It generated 356 page views per month with above 100,000 new ads every day. Using Gumtree for Business targets to help businesses widen their audience range, get to know users with research performed by the website and set up an ad campaign that can show online and get millions of views and visits in a matter of minutes.

Reasons Why People Should Call Gumtree Customer Services Contact Number

As a business with no showroom and with 100% operates online, it is no surprise that most of the Gumtree customer services queries and concerns are done online. These issues are catered through frequently asked question, live chat and email. These methods do have an important function in doing customer support. However, most experts agree that these customer support assistance cannot match with what phone call can do. Calling Gumtree customer services phone number and talking to one of the customer assistants about the problem you are experiencing will have a faster solution.


Users who are disappointed or unhappy with another member of the site prompt most of the calls that are made to the Gumtree telephone number. Thus, their customer service support team mostly spent their time handling conflict resolution and the administration of complaints. However, they are also able to talk general inquiries and take care of problems that both shoppers and sellers are experiencing with the business. Luckily, calling Gumtree Telephone Number Helpline on 0843 506 9291 easily and quickly handle all types of problems, its worry free for all.

Gumtree keeps growing and adding more varied types of products just like eBay. As a community website, it affects people in lots of ways as they can connect with each other while also making the most of the opportunity to search from virtually anything.

To maximize your use of the website whether as a shopper or business, call Gumtree Telephone Number Helpline on 0843 506 9291. After the direct connection, you will be speaking to the right customer expert and help fix your problem.

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