0843 902 2025 Groupon Customer Service Contact

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Groupon Customer Service Contact Number 0843 902 2025

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

In 2010, Groupon entered the UK market through the MyCityDeal and until today, it continues to offer deals that let direct savings for customers as well as dealers. The mode of business leverages on the power of shared buying. Groupon haggles for discounter deals with sellers and then goes ahead to make the deals accessible to its consumers if enough of them actually register for the deal. It usually offers available deals to shoppers through email who have registered for the service. The membership are mainly performed on it official website where a shopper starts by supplying an email address and choosing their city for local deals. Many of the shoppers that maximize deals from Groupon usually need to ask questions, talk to an executive of the company for quite a few reasons related with the service or make a complaint. To get in touch with their customer service support, call 0843 902 2025 Groupon Customer Service Contact.


Even though Groupon’s business system has many critics who claim it is not supportable, their service remains very popular in UK as well as in Europe, having come from North America. Shoppers quickly find best deals from an extensive range of seller that Groupon do business with. Most of the deals offered in Groupon can help customers save as much as half of the original price. The truth that when a hug number of customers register for a certain deals opens an opportunity for more proceeds to a seller means Groupon can effectively continue to get more deals across the business. When shopper experience a problem in the event of redeeming their coupons, they can just dial 0843 902 2025 Groupon Customer Service Contact.

Are You Looking For Groupon Phone Number Helpline?

To deal with a large number of calls every day that the customer support team have to take, the caller can hear an automated menu when they first dial 0843 902 2025 and will be requested to follow the instructions to be to the right  department with the Groupon customer services. The number listed here by Easy Connect UK will connect you directly through this point – it is a direct contact number so that you can easily and quickly get all the help and support you need from the company.

How to Contact Groupon Customer Service

As part of the Groupon commitment to offer the best service possible, they set up their customer service support team into smaller teams all of whom specialize in certain facets of service so that callers are able to get the service they want in that time.  It may be that you give Groupon Customer Service Contact a ring to know about how to make payment or experiencing fault with the website. These two inquiries are different and absolutely will need unique level of service.

This is not the only method Groupon service offers; there is also host of contact information provided in their official website. This means shoppers can get in touch with a member of the Groupon customer service team through a variety of medium. Either you can send Groupon an email or provided you visit the official website during normal office hours, shoppers can use the lies chat system in order to communicate with a member of the Groupon customer care support team.

In essence, all channels means that a customer of shopper are able to get the assistance and support they need without the need of calling 0843 902 2025 Groupon Customer Service Contact. Therefore, the customer will not have to pay to the additional charges with calling this number but receive the same level of help and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Groupon

Made A Purchase On Groupon But Seller Failed To Fulfil The Voucher Promise – What Should I Do?

This by far the most frequently asked question on Groupon. Many shoppers are quick to avail a deal from the website without reading the exact terms and conditions because the offer too good to pass on. In this case, it is more complicated to contend that you will be in the right about redeeming your deal. If however, the seller has violated the agreed terms of the certificate that you have procured through Groupon, then you have room to grumble about. Because you don’t have a physical store to return or complain about voucher, the best thing you have to do is to call 0843 902 2025 Groupon Customer Service Contact to talk to a customer service assistant and discuss your problem.

How to Cancel the Purchase I Have with Groupon

Yes, it is very possible for you to cancel your order from Groupon. Generally, it is believed that you should read the terms and conditions on the site when buying your deal and this give you understanding of your legal rights. Yet, there are instances that after you purchase the deal you change your mind and in this case, you have seven days to cancel your order. To find out more about this and make sure that you can cancel the deal you have just purchased, then give  Groupon Customer Service Contact a ring on 0843 902 2025.

Since Groupon offer its deals online primarily communicating to shoppers and customers through its website and emails, they are sure to call the 0843 902 2025 Groupon Customer Service Contact when lacks in communication happen for certain deals provided. As the number of Groupon deals in the UK remains to grow and expand, numerous challenges may come up in the end and the Groupon phone number helpline will even be more crucial.

Groupon Customer Service Number 0843 902 2025

The point of Easy Connect UK listing these phones numbers but is that the caller doesn’t need to be afraid of the cost of the call because all of the contact numbers provided here have affordable rate. Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge. Easy Connect UK is not connect to Groupon or any businesses discussed on this website.

The caller must be over the age of 18 years and has the authorization of the bill payer before making a call to the Groupon customer service support. Easy Connect UK is a call forwarding services and thus, cannot promise what these rates may be.

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