0843 902 2048 DVLA Contact Telephone Number Helpline

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DVLA Contact Telephone Number 0843 902 2048

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Do you have any questions about your driving license? Call DVLA Customer Services Contact Number on 0843 902 2048.

Who Is DVLA?

DVLA or (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a UK organization responsible for keeping a repository of drivers in Great Britain and a databanks of car for the whole United Kingdom. Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) is the counterpart for the drivers in Northern Ireland.

DVLA is a government agency of the Department for Transport (DfT). Oliver Morley is the present Chief Executive of the agency.

DVLA or (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is headquartered in Swansea, Wales, with a distinguished 16-storey building in Clase and offices in Swansea Vale. It was first known as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). It previously had a network of 39 offices around Great Britain, known as Local Office Network, where users could go to when applying for licenses and deal other business, but the local offices where completely closed last December 2013. The agency’s work is therefore fully centralized in Swansea, with the majority of users having to do business casually – by post or (for some businesses) by phone or online.


What DVLA Can Do?

DVLA is a government agency in UK that in charge of monitoring and keeping an extensive database of drivers and road cars. It also manages driving documentation like driving licenses, both full, provisional; blue badge-parking permits, and selling custom-made registration plates.

These are just a few of the bigger responsibilities of DVLA and there many more that are not mentioned such as medical conditions that can influence driving and the updates they give to legislation included in the Highway Code.

DVLA databank is can be used in various ways like finding untaxed cars and be utilized for external services like identifying those who have eluded paying the Congestion bill in London. DVLA database was built in 1996 and was a division of a £5 million contract.

What DVLA Can’t Do?

There is a misconception among the British community that the DVLA are accountable for approving driver licenses with penalty points obtained for driving violations. In fact, this obligation can only be fulfilled lawfully by county courts, which are usually sent the driving licenses of suspected lawbreakers by police. County courts in the United Kingdom have access to the DVLA driver databank; if they want to, they will get points to the person’s driver record. The DVLA’s role in the process is an inactive one.


You can ring DVLA Customer Services Contact Number, 0843 902 2048 if you want to ask about one of the following:

  • Car and Tax Discs
  • Creating a SORN
  • Renewing a driving license
  • Buying a car and you need to find out the MOT status of the car
  • Renewing a driving theory test
  • Reporting about license being damaged or lost
  • Changing your name on your driving license
  • Changing your address on your driving license
  • Replacing a V5C (logbook)
  • Transferring car registration number (form V317)
  • Buying a personalized registration number and asking how much it cost
  • Tax discount changes of your car from 1 October 2014
  • Asking about Blue Badge Questions
  • Driving with a disability
  • Test driving learning how to drive

Car Tax

Car Tax must be recompensed for cars that use and/or park on public roads in the UK. If a car is not being driven, there’s still a tariff, which is known as SORN.

Tax Disc was issued by DVLA and then shown in the window of the car, showing the expiry date. However, since October 2014, Tax Disc will no longer be issued and need not be displayed on cars. You have to ensure that you tax your car and will have to monitor the status of your car tax online.

Driving Licenses

Driving Licenses are required in UK to lawfully drive a car on public roads. Provisional License is issued when learning how to drive and once you passed driving test, real driving license will be issued.

Blue Badge

Blue Badge is a permit that is given to those who meet the set of criteria concerning disability and movement limitations. The beneficiary is allowed to certain parking rights, like being able to use disabled parking spaces and being permitted to park on single or double yellow lines for about 3 hours.

Apply For Provisional Driving License

While you are learning to drive, you need a provisional driving license in order to have permission to drive a car. At this phase, a skilled instructor or a friend or family who has a full license supervises you. You are not allowed to drive on national highways.

To apply for a provisional license, you can either apply online through the DVLA website or simply go to Post Office to make a postal application. The price for the provisional license when applying online is £34, which you can save 9 pounds when applying by post because it cost £43.

To apply for your provisional driving license online, the requirements are your passport number and national insurance number. Visit the official DVLA website to apply online.

If you have queries and other DVLA concerns which you would like to discuss, simply call the Customer Services Contact Number on 0843 902 2048.

Apply Full Driving License

Once you have passed both the theory and practical driving test, you are now ready for the full driving license. If you have one of the new photo card provisional licenses, you can have your full license within three weeks once the DVLA have received your driving test pass certificate from your driving test examiner.

How Is The New Car Tax System Works?

As the new car system was introduced, all drivers will be affected with the way cars are taxed. Since October 01, 2014, you need not to display your physical tax disc in your vehicle. This is to make sure that all tax data are now stored on central computer system that means that the authorities can access this without the need of seeing one in your car or scanning a disc.

Other changes was introduced last 1st of November 2014, which permit drivers to pay for a year’s worth of car tax over a 12 month period on direct debit. The specifics of this will be sent to you once you receive your renewal notice for your car tax. You can still choose to pay in the traditional 6 or 12 month up front methods.

For more information about the new ruling of DVLA, kindly call the contact them at their customer service number at 0843 902 2048.

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