0843 504 1710 Contact Number for Vanquis Bank

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Vanquis Bank Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 504 1710

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Who Are Vanquis Bank What They Do?

Vanquis Bank is a subordinate of the Provident Financial Group. It was established in 2002, it offers credit cards for the UK citizens under the Visa brand with unbalanced or limited credit history. In 2011, it also offers a permanent rate bond service. Vanquis Bank is based in London and recently had renovated building with many history and various artifacts have been retrieved from the site date back to the Roman water development.


Vanquis Bank has a customer service support in Kent and office in Bradford. Vanquis bank provide two kinds of credit card, the Vanquis card with about 60% APR changing on the applicants income and the Aquis card with approximately  30% APR. Vanquis has received disapproval from money experts for the highest fee charged on the products and service. To have further information about interest rates, call 0843 504 1710 Contact Number for Vanquis Bank.

Why Call 0843 504 1710 Contact Number for Vanquis Bank?

  • Applying for a credit card
  • Have information and details regarding your account
  • How to make payment and billing
  • Ask about your application
  • Talk to the Vanquis Executive
  • Report your lost or stolen card
  • How to make complaint

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Phone Number

As they provide money assistance to the people who have problems with common organizations because of their credit history, the Contact Number for Vanquis Bank is in demand from people who need to talk to them. The money crisis of a few years ago hit big and hard of the population and the effects are still being felt up to now. Vanquis Bank has offered a critical route back into lending for many people who were without prior notice unable to make payments.

Vanquis Bank is run by the Provident group, as they do business with people who prefers MasterCard, Barclaycard and TSB believe to be disagreeable, their customer service support team are highly skilled and professional in handling all types of queries and concerns . Vanquis Bank helpline is dedicated to offering the best customer service, with every call being directed to one of the members of the customer support team who will be able to guide and serve you in order to address the problem.

Though Vanquis is known as a bank, it majorly handles credit cards and loans. Many people follow these products essentially with the intention of improving their credit card history. To this end, the Vanquis bank customer care support are expert in giving advice on how people can improve their credit score by making use of the company services.

Like most of their rivals, Vanquis bank customer support is gradually transferring towards being performed through their website. The ease of use of the online support makes it fitting for a particular case. However, professionals have taken note of the walk-throughs, frequently asked questions guides and contact us forms do not provide the same customer assistance that the customer service staff provides. Therefore, it is best to call 0843 504 1710 Contact Number for Vanquis Bank when you have any problem, queries or complaints.


Vanquis Bank Opening Hours

Vanquis Bank customer services are available to be contacted through their telephone number on 0843 504 1710 from Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 8pm and Saturdays, 9am to 530pm. On Sundays, they are closed.

What Does Vanquis Bank Do Uniquely?

Vanquis Bank will review your application attentively, no matter what you money situation is. After this, they will then consider all of your situations and use these factors to resolve the credit that you need and more prominently, can able to pay. They have many different credit prominently examples n their websites that you can explore to see which is the closest resemblance to you and your case and problem.

You can also start your credit with the Vanquis VISA credit card. To do this, as well to be able to avail the further benefits like credit limit increases, you have to stay within your set credit limit and assure you make your least payments every month and in time. If you fail to do it, you may find that your credit rating is in peril and this could worsen your problem to get credit in the future.

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Address

Vanquis Visa Card, Customer Services, PO Box 399, Chatham, ME4 4WQ

Can I Cut Vanquis Credit Card through Their Customer Service Phone Number?

Through their products can be ended through their official website, the complicated nature of loaning agreements and private finance mean that this can be high-priced to many people. Experts know the effects of particular interest rates and the effects it may have on your credit rating.

If you are considering of eliminating any kind of Vanquis products, one of the customer service members will run you through each consequence of your membership. They can give you tailored advice to your special case over the phone that means you are clear on exactly how this will impact your personal money and loaning case in the future.

You can buy all their service via 0843 504 1710 Contact Number for Vanquis Bank. Pleas take note that most of the customer services support is incentive-driven to register new custom, and it may worthy trying to deal with a customer service support member that you communicate with.

How to Make Complaint with Vanquis Bank

If the member of the customer support to talk to is unable to provide you the solution that you want for your problem, they should be able to offer more information on what other steps to take. However, if you feel that the Vanquis Bank telephone number is incapable of handling such issue or inquiry, there is the option of transferring the matter on an independent review body like the ombudsman – the customer service customer support is lawfully obliged to tell how you can do it.

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