0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance

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Student Finance Customer Services Contact Number 0843 902 2042

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

If you are student or have received an offer from a college or university, you need to apply for student finance. To do this, dial 0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance to ask assistance and help.

Why would you need to call Student Finance?

  • When applying for a tuition fee or maintenance loan
  • Reporting for a late payment
  • Reporting for a change in case

About Student Finance

Student Finance is a government department built to provide financial assistance to students. The load is compensated after the student graduation and if they begin earning good money. Student Finance has various restrictions and extra grants that could change on the subject on availability and they are often based on family’s income. For further information about the terms and conditions a student loan, just dial 0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance which is provided here by Easy Connect UK.


Who Exactly Are Student Finance?

Student Finance has three types of assistances – Tuition Fee Loan that insures the cost of a full-time or part-time education, Maintenance Loan for permanent students that can help counterbalance living expenses for your specific city and go towards instructive resources and Maintenance Grant that full-time scholars can apply for if their home income is below a specific limit.

The two loans must be compensated in installments after the graduation and once you are earning a good amount of money. The sum you repay is 9% above the starting limit. Even if you are not making the adequate amount of money you can still make payment directly to the Student Loans Company of £5 or more.  Loans will be canceled if overdue after 30 years. For further information and to apply for one of these loan plans, call 0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance.

If you have not received your student loan finance at the start of the school year, feel free to call 0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance and talk to a member of the customer service support team. You can also make use of the contact number to make complaints about the service provided by the customer support or plea for a decision that you believe is wrong.

Applying for Student Finance

Applying for student finance loan can be processed through online or in the student finance homepage. The official website will let you apply for any of the three major money choices: tuition fees, maintenance loans and maintenance grants.

To fill in your application, you need to complete details about your home salary, as this will identify the income you are currently getting from the government. When you are making a claim for a loan based on the income in your home, you may be asked for your parents support. This will serve as the proof of income that may influence the sum of financial assistance you will be receiving. Example of proof that could be supplied is pay slip showing your monthly salary, pension statements, and letter from a lawyer verifying that you are wedded or separated and more.

To comply these, you have to send in your details to the main office of the Student Finance England in Darlington (PO Box 201, DL1 9HJ). In addition, you can get in touch with the Student Finance phone number to ask advice, help or information associated to your documents.

Reasons why call the Contact Number for Student Finance?

  • I want to apply for a Student Loan; can their customer service support help me?

The main purpose why people should call the Student Loans Company is the application process itself. As much as the procedure of getting into a British university has changed over the years, applying for a student loan has remained quite stagnant over the past few years – which can result to problems in it.

If you are making an effort to apply for financial assistance for your education, the Contact Number for Student Finance can give you advice and support on what is best suited for you.

They can also give assistance to what level of money support you are qualified for but for this, you will need to provide information regarding your parent’s income and other incidental evidence.

Even though the application process have to be done either in partnership with UCAS or with other university that you are going to enroll, their team can greatly help you. The Student Finance phone number could also be able to supply information around what type of support payment you are qualified to.


  • My student finance loan has not arrived yet, what should I do?

Perhaps, one of the most common reasons why people call Student Finance customer services phone number is they have received their student loan when they anticipated to. Because every year there is thousands of recipients, so there will be instances where someone get to experience the problems.

The Student Finance customer services telephone number has a department committed to this kind of issue, but around the time that payments are unpaid, you may need to wait to get in the line.  The customer service support will run through all of the choices that are available to you once you are connected and you will be given advice of when exactly you can receive your loan.

If you feel that the Student Loans Company have disappointed you, are a money loss or your collegiate performance has dropped because of their actions, you may be eligible to make protest. While most universities or colleges do have hardship moneys definitely for when the Student Finance team lose out to do their work as expected, these are often minute as compared to the sum of money needed. You can make complaints via the Student Finance contact us number and you may be needed to send in additional documentation to back your claims.

  • How to evaluate my student loan repayments

One of the best benefits of UK student loan system is that payments are automatically taken out form from your salary once you are employed.  This amount is arranged at government level and should have been summarized in the terms and conditions of your contract when you signed up for the loan finance. Once you reach certain earning brink that specified percentage should then be subtracted from your salary at the end of every month.

If you feel that you are over or under paying on your student finance loan, it is best to call 0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance so that they can make an effort to arrange things immediately.

If you are a self-employed or freelance, this process may be a little more complicated. In this case, calling 0843 902 2042 Contact Number for Student Finance and speaking to a member of the customer services support will explain of how you can make payments properly and avoid penalties. They can also sort out to make extra payments on your student loan if you want – even though this is distant from common.

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