0843 506 9527 Contact Number for See Tickets

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See Tickets Customer Services Telephone Number 0843 506 9527

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Thinking how to buy a ticket to a live concert? Call 0843 506 9527 Contact Number for See Tickets to help with tickets or tracking an order.

What is See Tickets?

See Tickets is UK’s largest ticket company, selling tickets for all kinds of live event including concerts, festivals and West End shows. Some of the latest events it provides tickets for are for different and high-profile as London Fashion Week, Reading & Leeds festival and BBC Proms in the Park.

See Tickets owns the Intascape.com, a ticketing software business who provides to football teams such as Manchester City and West Ham United. Intascape runs as division of the See Tickets, assuring customers buy tickets to a football match as fast as they can get seats to the Wicked or space at Reading. See Tickets know that they have the value-providing power of a big companies while still keeping the core values of a small, customer-focused organization.


The official slogan of See Tickets has always been “We want to be the first name people think of when they want to go to a live event”. See Tickets are continuously working on delivering the best customer service and extending their reach so that their patrons can buy tickets for any event. For further information about See Tickets, simply dial 0843 506 9527 Contact Number for See Tickets.

Background of See Tickets

See Tickets was built in 2002 via the union of ticket agency Way Ahead and Really Useful Theatres’ ticketing division. But, in 2007 See Tickets cuts it tie from Really Useful Group and form a new company, the See Group Ltd, owned exclusively by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

After being purchased by many other businesses over the years, See Tickets UK is now held by Vivendi and has been under their possession since 2011. See Tickets has accomplished huge achievement over the years and is the chosen ticket department for the very famous Glastonbury Festivals.

Why Call 0843 506 9527 Contact Number for See Tickets?

  • Booking tickets for live event
  • Checking if the tickets are still available for the famous events
  • Getting help with delayed delivery, lost tickets and other complaints
  • Make group bookings with See Tickets
  • Asking assistance for the confirmation email or lost booking reference number

See Tickets Opening Hours

The line of the See Tickets customer services telephone number is open from Monday to Friday 9:00 until 21:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 until 18:00. But, it is closed during Sundays.


Can I Sell Tickets via See Tickets?

It will let you sell tickets for your event no matter how big or small it is.

You can have your ticketing from a Client Console that is located on the website, and has been used by more than 2,000 organizers and locations around the country. From here, you have the capability to manage the whole process, such as the options to:

  • Put tickets on sale
  • Add further information to the booking page
  • Get quick sales reports in real time
  • Change the tickets numbers that are on sale

There is also a choice of getting advanced reporting, that can give complete information about your clients, like the time and method they used for booking, so you can see which kind of marketing is best for your event.

What They Do?

See Tickets partners with Laterooms.com to provide its clients deals on hotels around the UK, making it much easier to book an overnight stay in whatsoever place your event may come about.

See Tickets is held by Paris-based media and telecommunications business Vivendi SA and is one of the biggest ticket businesses in Europe. One of their main selling points is that regardless of their size they try to maintain the value of a smaller ticketing business. Call 0843 506 9527 Contact Number for See Tickets to know more about the booking and tracking of ticket online.

If you are looking for the best gift for your big brother, See Tickets could be the one for you. They have a wide selection of sporting events so there is really something that your brother would enjoy. To book a ticket, just go to their official website and search the event that you want to attend to and then you can do the whole booking process effortlessly from the website. If you are experiencing problems with the booking process, call 0843 506 9527 Contact Number for See Tickets and a customer service representative will be glad to guide you through the whole process.

Types of Events See Tickets Work With

See Tickets associate with wide selections of partners and organizations to have their customers’ tickets to prominent events including:

  • Glastonbury
  • Reading & Leeds Festival
  • The Ryder Cup
  • West Ham United
  • Top Gear Live
  • British Tennis
  • IMG Media
  • Capital FM
  • J.M Concerts
  • Really Useful Theatres
  • BBC Proms in the Park
  • V Festival
  • The Football League
  • Grand Designs Live

See Ticket Coaches

See Ticket Coaches targets to offer an easy-to-use service making customer convenience and safety. All coaches are obtained from a big network of pre-vetted coach operatives. See Tickets provides a comprehensive service that has expanded a decade with associates such as:

  • Glastonbury Festival
  • V Festival
  • Reading & Leeds (Festival Republic)
  • Sonisphere

SJM Live Concerts, e.g Coldplay

If you think you have an event that is beneficial to the expertise of the See Ticket coach service, do not hesitate to give Contact Number for See Tickets a ring on 0843 506 9527. They sell ticket and travel packages that offer maximum convenience for both parties – you and attendees of the event.

Working with See Tickets

If you are considering of selling tickets to an event you are organizing, See Tickets has two choices for you: Be sure to consider which right ticketing solution is ideal for you:

If you want to sell tickets for big events, exhibition, tours and festivals that may need personalized ticketing; you will have to talk to a customer service support of the See Tickets.

If you are an organizer or a location looking to offer General Admission tickets for a minor event, the Client Console Self Service system is perfect. It gives organizers all the tools to sell tickets and the capability to sell tickets in just a few minutes.

Other Way to Contact See Tickets

You can contact them by sending them a letter through their postal address:

2nd Floor,

Norfolk House,

47 Upper Parliament Street,



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