0843 504 7178 Contact Number For DWP

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DWP Phone Number Helpline 0843 504 7178

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Dial 0843 504 7178, the contact number for DWP for advice about employment, pensions, child maintenance, work related injuries and disability careers.


Who Are The DWP?

DWP or Department for Work and Pensions, as it colloquially known, is UK’s largest government agency. The duties of DWP include welfare and the policies on pensions.

DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) was founded in 2001. One of the responsibilities of DWP is to help deprived people like elderly, with resources that will help to become financially stable. The agency is also tasked to decrease the child poverty rates. To talk directly to a DWP customer representative, simply call 0843 504 7178.

When Would I Call the DWP Customer Services Telephone Number?

You may need to call the DWP customer services number in many different cases. Some of the matters you may want answers are:

Whom do I speak to in terms of my Basic State Pension?

Can I get assistance with making a claim for Jobseekers Allowance?

Can I get help from the Child Maintenance Service?

What support is accessible for Careers?

DWP has an annual budget of £151.6 billion and is UK’s umbrella body for four organizations:

Jobcentre Plus

This is government agency that provides working age financial benefits like Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), as well as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for people who may be searching for work but have been considered as unable for work by their health doctor. You can call the Jobcentre Plus to register your new claim for either of these benefits, or renew them.

Child Maintenance Group

Child Maintenance Group is also known as the Child Support Agency, in this division of the  DWP is tasked for arranging Child Maintenance expenses for children of parents who have separated of divorced. They can guide parents discuss their own settlement, talk between disputing parties or agree an amount that is due for parents who can’t reach agreement on the amount. They are also monitoring a parent who has failed to file Child Maintenance.

Pension Service

Estimates and pays Basic State Pension to people of retirement age in the United Kingdom. The total amount paid is about £115.20 a week from April 2015 – computed as stated by National Insurance contributions. Pension Credit, which was presented by the Labor Government of 1997-2000, is an add-on pension that is compensated to make sure that every eligible pensioner gets a minimum pension of £115.20, per week.

Disability and Carers Service

This government agency of the DWP estimates and pays a raft of benefits to UK citizens and their careers. Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Careers Allowance, Attendant Allowance and Incapacity Benefit are some of the example of these benefits.


Some other agencies that 0843 504 7178, contact number for DWP can provide more information about are below:

Health and Safety Executive

A self-regulating organization that works to decrease work-related safety, health and sickness.

National Employment Savings Trust

A non-profit, non-departmental agency that runs for the DWP in ensuring all employers has access to pension provisions.

Pensions Advisory Service

The Pensions Advisory Service gives info to the members of the public about their pension sand will help people solve their problems

Independent Living Fund

People living with disabilities don’t have to be controlled to a residential care home, the ILF offers money to buy care or pay for the salary of a personal assistant.

Pensions Ombudsman

Pensions ombudsman examine complaints file by both employers and employees who are part of the pensions system.

Remploy Ltd.

Remploy work with companies and people alike to help those with disabilities conquered obstacles that might hinder them from being hired.

The Pensions Regulator

Pensions Regulator work with the employers, advisers and experts to offer supervision and outlines.

DWP prime focus is on things like job creation, pension reform, helping disabled people, ensuring that children get the support needed in order to live, well-being reform, and working to boost social justice.

By contacting DWP customer services telephone number, you learn more about each of the provided services 0843 504 7178 (call charges are applicable). The number provided here by Easy Connect UK directs you to a DWP customer assistant who can explain to you the benefits you may entitle for, and help you with the application process.

Common Queries

When you call the DWP using the DWP customer service phone number, there’s a possibility that someone has already asked the question you need an answer. Therefore, here are the list of the most often asked questions and their answers.

What Are the Coverage of the Pension Service?

The Pensions Service was created in 2001 and works out of local Pension centers, however, the main center, which is headquartered in Newcastle Upon Tyne, has four main divisions:

Pension Tracing Scheme

Monitors old pensions and pension schemes

Future Pension Centre

Offers pension predictions for those who are entering the retirement age

National Pension Centre

Handles changes in case and any queries about pension payments into bank accounts

International Pension Scheme

Manages pensions for those who have transferred overseas

Local pension centers will take care of:

Pension credit

Cold weather payments

Winter fuel expenses

What DWP Support Does it Offer for Careers?

The DWP gives assistance for careers in the form of:

Personal Independence Compensation

Attendance Allowance

Careers Allowance

Disability Living Allowance

Vaccine Damage Compensation

There are agencies through the country who supervises these benefits.

What Public Bodies Are on the DWP?

The public bodies that are on the DWP are:

The Pensions Ombudsman

The Health and Safety Executive

The Pensions Regulator

There are corporate offices found within the country, such as in London, Blackpool, Warrington, Leeds, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Sheffield. There is also a network of The Pensions Service, Jobcentre Plus and The Disability and Careers Services in operation through a network of about 1000 Jobcentres, benefit procession centers and contact centers across the whole country of United Kingdom.

If you have any other queries or concerns about the services offered by the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions), feel free to call 0843 504 7178, the contact number of DWP and someone will immediately assist and give you more info and advice.

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