0843 506 8863 Contact Job Centre Plus Customer Services Phone Number

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Job Centre Plus Contact Phone Number 0843 506 8863

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Feel free to Contact Job Centre Plus Helpline Number on 0843 506 8863. It is open from 8:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M Mondays to Fridays.


Who is Jobcenter Plus?

Job Centre Plus is a national government department based in U.K.  The aim of this organization is to lend a hand to people with many problems that many problems that may arise about working and living in the U.K.

They have many agencies that are specialized in guiding people and giving info and details that may be needed about their particular cases like giving advice with driving in U.K, traveling and living overseas and getting passports. If you want more material with the citizenship or residing in the U.K, you will want to learn more about immigration and any required visas.

Looking for a job

When you’re not getting JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) or ESA (Employment Support Allowance) on the Job Centre Plus customer service number is the right tool to aid you look for a new job. It does not cost companies something to advertise their jobs with the Job Centre Plus; this is usually the first stop to visit to search for workers. Job Centre Plus customer service support team are also very skilled in coordinating people to profession and in giving assistance to help you with any jobs applications that you send to companies and also  handling interviews. The Job Centre Plus can also give recommendations, and in some instances, money assistance help to those who are searching to put up their own industry. Therefore, calling Job Centre Plus customer services phone number could be the first step for you when looking for a work.

Income Support and Injury Benefit

If you have an ill health, you can discover more about benefits and financial assistance, or, if they know, where you can learn disability equipment or special transportation. Are there any careers for incapacitated people? You can know about the answers to your by calling the Job Centre Plus customer service phone number 0843 506 8863.

If there’s death in the family or a newborn, new marriages or divorces, this needs to be registered at the Jobcenter Plus.

Businesses, people that are freelance or normal residents in the U.K, can get all the information that they need about their live in United Kingdome, including laws, and, of course, the right taxes that must be compensates by each person.

Job Centre Plus is not only there for when you need assistance when looking for a job, they also have other responsibilities, for example, administration of some benefits and the distribution of National Insurance numbers. It is best to call 0843 506 8863 contact number for Job Centre Plus to have further information on things such as:

Maternity Allowance

Probably, only few people know that Job Centre Plus managed Maternity Allowance. This is a 39 weeks assistance compensated to new mothers after they gave birth and as long as they don’t go back to work. Maternity Allowance is intended to replace the Statutory Maternity Pay that some women are not eligible through their company. To know more details as well as ask your personal questions, dial 0843 506 8863 Job Centre Plus customer service telephone number.

National Insurance Numbers

Job Centre Plus also administer the National Insurance numbers, so if you never had one and nee to apply one, of if you have but lost it, call the Job Centre Plus contact numbers and request to talk with the National Insurance Registrations team.

Social Fund

Social Fund is another agency that the Job Centre Plus manages which means, that if you have needed things to compensate like your clothes, rent and other necessary home stuffs but are unable to pay the costs, Job Centre Plus can help you deal with this problem via a Budgeting Loan. Just dial the Job Centre Plus number to get in touch with a representative from the Budgeting Loan and ask if you are qualified.

Group of happy call center employees with headset

The following are the Job Centre Plus contact numbers that you can use to call the agency:

Job Centre Plus customer services phone number for new claims benefit is 0843 506 8863.

0843 506 8863 is Job Centre Plus helpline number to ring in terms of canceling or changing an appointment.

If you ‘re now a recipient of the benefit claim and need to talk about it, you need to contact the right number designated to your case. You need to call them to inform about any changes to your work situation. These numbers are provided here on Easy Connect UK website.

Does having appointment affect my Jobseeker’s Allowance claim?

If you repeatedly need to rearrange your meetings with Job Centre Plus, it is likely that they will want to reassess you claim to ensure that you are on the correct benefit. If you are frequently ill, the chances are that you may be moved to Employment and Support Allowance – a benefit aimed at the currently unable to work for any reason. However, if you are unable to attend due to personal reasons on a number of occasions, Job Centre Plus may judge you to not be seeking work and may suspend your benefits.


Even though you have to be 18 and above to claim the benefits there are some exemptions if you are 16 or 17. You must not in full time education to be qualified to Job Seekers Allowance and you must live in Scotland, England or Wales. To complete your claim, you must have an interview and you must be available for and actively finding a job. If you are already working, you must be working less than 16 hours per week.

If you are considering claiming for Income based job seekers allowance you and your spouse must have less than £16,000 in savings and working less than 24 hours a week between you.

You have to take note that the eligibility rules are different if you reside in Northern Ireland.

If you need to contact Job Centre Plus for any matters and not just the above-mentioned reasons, so to get in touch with the Job Centre Plus, call 0843 506 8863.

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