0842 902 2018 Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number

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Child Support Agency Customer Services Contact Number 0842 902 2018

Calls to these numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

The Child Support Agency is also known as the CSA, the main body responsible for the arrangement of payments. Such money is to be made between detached parents when it comes to nurturing their children.  Call 0842 902 2018 Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number to get answers for all your questions & concerns about your existing or new claim.


The Child Maintenance department also deals with the Child Maintenance Service. This division is also one of the many services offered by Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and a lot are claiming that they are perhaps one of the most crucial. As a governing body, they are completely responsible for the accumulation and allocation of agreed taxes, which can always be hot topic between the recently divided.

There has been misunderstanding over the identification the services just as from November 2013 the CSA stop to exist and was substituted by the Child Maintenance Service. There are no new applications being operated under the CSA name. However, for old claims they can still use the number to get in touch with them.

Arranging a Child Support Allowance can be difficult. So, give Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number a ring today on Call 0842 902 2018 to guide you go through any of the application or request processes or just want to ask some basic questions about the agency.

Why You Need to Call Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number?

  • Applying for child maintenance
  • Petition a decision
  • Questions about the existing child maintenance
  • Change to another type of child maintenance
  • General information about the Child Support Agency

About CSA

Child Support Agency was established in April 5, 1993 and is responsible for materializing the Child Support Act of 1991. It is also in charge for estimating funds that are needed for nurturing a child while the parents are going through a separation agreement. Child Support Agency also gathers, supports and handovers the payment from the non-resident parent to the individual who is presently accountable for taking care of the kid. In November 2013, the agency does not exist anymore and has been changed by the Child Maintenance Service. However, you can still contact them or the Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number on 0842 902 2018.

In Scotland, if children are above the age of 12, they can make a claim.  The lawful definition of ‘child’ enforced by the CSA is somebody under 16, between 16 and 20, is still in full time non-advanced education, and is between the age of 16 and 20 listed with a government-approved training education. Child Support Agency provides two types of child support – a legal arrangement or a more adaptable family-based procedure. Ring CSA telephone number to speak with one of the highly trained customer services support who can explain of which is best for you. The phone number can also be used to plea for a decision. Be sure you have your National Insurance Numberings hand before you call them

How does Child Maintenance works?

Child Maintenance is a settled once a month or weekly type of payment that is made from one parent to another dependent on who is taking care of the kid permanently.  This payment is to help pay to living costs, food, clothing, bills and more. Payments are usually processed in case parent separate and is dependent to the rules and regulations from the Department of Work and Pensions. There are rigid requirements that you have to meet to enable for the payment system. The kid must be under the age of 16 or 20 and is still studying at a university or college. It is important that a parent who is taking care of the child take the complete obligation for bringing up the child in this case. As already been discussed, Child Maintenance is a complicated subject. If you have queries, it best to call Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number with the number provided here by Easy Connect UK.

Child Support Agency Contact Number Opening Hours

Child Support Agency customer service phone number is available Mondays to Fridays from 8am – 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. Their customer service number helpline is closed on Sundays.


I want to appeal for my case, what should I do?

While going through a separation, you can experience many things including money problems to emotional distress.  It can be difficult to consider all factors of arranging settlements important for your child’s nurture. Child Support Agency phone number is very important. By talking to a member of the Child Support Agency customer support, you can directly discuss about the problem and they can able to give you assistance during these hard times. It becomes difficult to concentrated on technical details when you are experiencing such emotional distress and by contacting the Child Support Agency customer service on 0842 902 2018 you can find solution to your problems and they can handle the technical details for you.

I fail to make payment, what should I do?

If you fail to make payment, immediately call the Child Support Agency phone number to get needed information and help on what penalties you are likely to deal with. It should be assumed that failing to make payments usually could result in stringent action that can effect of a visit from the legal officers.

There can be many different reasons why you should not missed your monthly payment. Explanations can be varied, ranging from extreme expenditures to varying paydays. Whatever your reasons are for failing to make payment, it is best to call the Child Support Agency customer services number on 0842 902 2018 and ask about what actions you need to take.

The basic purpose of UK Child Support Agency is to guarantee that a child is receiving the good amount of financial assistance from the parents even after they separate. The agency considers that the child is the obligation of both of the parents. To ensure of the future of a child, parent should play a vital role in nurturing them.

For further information about CSA, call 0842 902 2018 Child Support Agency Customer Services Telephone Number.

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