0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number

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BT Openreach Contact Numbers 0843 5043178

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

About BT Openreach

BT Openreach is one of the bets company in UK that is in charge for connecting homes and businesses to local phone exchanges. The business-to-business customers are the 537 communication suppliers that depends on the services delivered to their behalf the internet, landline and TV packages that their subscribers purchase from them. This means that BT Openreach is the one responsible for the set-up, reparation and maintenance of all the service that you have purchased from your service provider.


BT Openreach is a subordinate of the BT Group that was built to keep its local network system. The department is the result of the agreement between British Telecommunications (BT) and Ofcom that was crucial to make sure of the operation of the particular products in the Enterprise Act 2002. The purpose was to let other Communication Providers (CPs) or telecom operators that are competitors of BT to achieve the parity of access to its local network infrastructure.  There are 537 CPs that make use BT’s system to provide their telecommunications services to their subscribers. 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number can be used by anyone who wants to speak directly to a member of the customers services support team that is responsible for dealing with infrastructure on behalf of the communication providers.

Why Call 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number?

  • Ask support about technical issues with the router, BT Home Hub or YouView Box
  • Ask assistance on how to fix problem with your BT service including poor broadband connection or TV signal loss
  • Want to upgrade, downgrade or terminate your landline, broadband or TV subscription
  • Ask other questions, how to make payments and billings

BT Openreach Television

BT Openreach television offers two types of services: TV Entertainment and TV Essential. TV Essential is available with the BT Broadband and offer customers access to 70 Freeview channels while TV Entertainment is quite costlier but has holds extra 18 channels including Discovery and Comedy Central. It features BT Infinity fibre optic broadband that is five times faster than the UK normal connection. If you need help about choosing the best package, call 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number or the BT’s Bundle Picker can guide you. There is collection of additional channels that is called BT ‘Bolt-Ons’ to pick from, which has a small fee every month.

BT Openreach Broadband and Landline

BT Openreach has a number of broadband packages that features different speed and memory storage. Nevertheless, they all offer with the following services: BT Family Protection plan that tracks web activity and bar adult content, Unlimited Wi-Fi, BT Cloud storage to save your files, weekend phone calls and BT Smart Talk app to make cheap mobile calls. Superfast BT Infinity, the latest web service, is considered to offer the most trusted internet in UK. BT Openreach provide three varied month telephone plans, unlimited weekend calls with a fee per minute in between, unlimited evening and weekend calls with a fee per minute in between; and any time of the day and night calls for a fixed cost.

Why Choose BT Openreach?

British Telecom Group or BT is a British telecommunications service provider that operates in approximately 170 countries around the world. In 1980, it was created under this name; it was one of the biggest telecoms in the world and has 28 million phone lines in United Kingdom alone.

BT has four main divisions including, BT Openreach, BT Global Services, BT Wholesale and BT Retail (the company’s major seller of customer telecommunications services).

When new subscriber want to avail the services BT offers, they receive quick, strong, unlimited broadband, free internet security, affordable line rental, 24-hour technical support through its online platform or by calling 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number, and of course, most popular TV shows, series and movies in UK.


BT Openreach field engineers are always busy checking different sites and looking over local network infrastructure. They are also set and ready to answer any phone calls about maintenance when they need to. Subscribers that need the services of these engineers can also contact their specific hotline, but 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number can assure of a faster response because it connects to the right people for the technical problems.  In just one week, the BT Openreach engineers visit about 30,000 households or offices to fix problems on behalf of CP who are their customers.  In addition, every week around 650 network breakdowns are handled, about 85 cables replaced, 12,000 poles tried 920 replaced, new sites connected to the system and more.

Administration of local networks that hundreds of CP’s depend on the nation coverage that demands of huge work force and resources. BT Openreach does so effectively with its engineers and vans always seen roaming around in different places.  CPs is its customers and fee for their use of the networks. The engineers take full proactive measures to avoid having problems with their network, but they also quickly answer to calls needing them to fix problems acknowledged by users of the CPs. When you experience any problems about your network, you can quickly call them through 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number.

BT Openreach as a division of the BT Group plays huge role in making sure all communications suppliers avail local networks to provide services without going through any problems. The volume of work they deal with for effective management, faster response, and enough resources. The activities they carry out guarantees millions of subscribers around UK to keep on enjoying services from different telecoms operators with least downtimes. You can inform of any problems directly to the customer service support, who will be the one to report BT Openreach so that their engineers can address the problem. However, when you call 0843 5043178 BT Openreach Customer Services Contact Number, you can directly speak to the right customer service assistant about the problem and issues you are experiencing and thus, they can offer repairs and support immediately.

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