0843 506 9526 AXA Insurance Contact Us Number

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AXA Insurance Customer Service 0843 506 9526

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Calling 0843 506 9526 AXA Insurance Contact Us Number will help you find the best quote for your car and healthcare insurance. Contact Easy Connect UK to get the AXA Insurance Contact Us Number and talk to a member of the customer support team quickly and easily.

The cutthroat insurance market can provide you a number of choices about finding the best insurance coverage policy for you. AXA Insurance is one of the most trusted companies in the insurance industry and provides customers a wide selection of other services making them very popular in UK and around the world.

The areas in which AXA Insurance UK are below:

Insurance – Protects people and businesses via a wide range of products

Healthcare – Offers cheap policy to give assurance and peace of mind to everybody

Wealth Management – Helps people makes the most of their assets and incomes


To speak with a customer support representative about any of the above-mentioned services, call Easy Connect UK that will connect you directly to AXA Insurance Contact Us Number on 0843 506 9526.

The following are the types of AXA Insurance specialize in:

Personal – This includes Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Van Insurance and Pet Insurance, to know more about this form of insurance, just dial 0843 506 9526 AXA Insurance Contact Us Number.

Businesses – This consists of Commercial and Residential Proprietor Insurance, Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance, Car Insurance, Van Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you want to discuss and get further information about this policy, give AXA Insurance Contact Us Number a ring on 0843 506 9526.

AXA Insurance 3 Healthcare Areas:

Personal – It has approximately over 2 Million customers and about 250 Hospitals access and a 24/7 health and information customer service.

Business – AXA Insurance provides services to a self-employed, small business or large corporation.

International Health Care – AXA Insurance has about 10,000 accesses to healthcare providers around the world.

By simply calling 0843 506 9526 AXA Insurance Contact Us Number, you can directly talk to one of the highly trained AXA customer services support team.

Who is AXA Insurance?

AXA Insurance is a part of the AXA S.A, a worldwide investment group located in France. Aside from offering services of life and car insurances, it also helps customers with wealth management and income portfolios. AXA in UK trades under many different names such as AXA Insurance, AXA Sun Life and more. If you can remember, AXA Sun Life Insurance has its ads with the famous TV artists, Michael Parkinson, which made that service very famous among old age people. The AXA in UK also manages a private healthcare brand called AXA PPP, which offers services that many of the other insurance companies do not.


Why Call AXA Insurance?

Many people are looking for new insurance coverage policy and there are varieties of options to consider. The popularity in the price comparison website has made these companies even more aggressive and AXA Insurance is continuously trying to keep up with their rivals. Looking at AXA performance over recent years, you can say that other companies have outdone them, but still they can provide very competitive ranges of products and services. So, if you are searching for more than insurance and other services that you may not find get from  AXA’s rivals, it is best to make a call to AXA Insurance Contact Us Number on 0843 506 9526.

AXA Insurance Availability

AXA Insurance Contact Us Number on 0843 506 9526 is the right number to call to discuss all kinds of issues and concern like how to make claims. While this phone number will get you through the general claims team, there is particular availability hours for every departments, as such, emergency calls are catered differently.

AXA Car Insurance

To talk about making a claim after an accident or discuss about the facets of your insurance, then call the AXA Insurance customer services telephone number to speak one on one with a representative of the team. You can consult with no claims discount, the choices to renew or terminate your insurance policy or even change it. Along with this, you ring the team about your windscreen repair and replacement that may be under your policy. Call the AXA Insurance Contact Us Number from Mondays to Fridays from 8am-9pm, Saturdays 8 am to 6pm, Sundays 9am-5pm and on Banks Holidays from 10 am to 4pm.

AXA Healthcare Insurance

AXA can also offer personal healthcare insurance. With over 250 hospitals access and about 2 million customers, AXA Healthcare Insurance has gone strongest in order to keep its members in good health for many years. In AXA Healthcare insurance policy, you can avail:

Fast Track Appointment – If your case needs to see a health doctor, then AXA will be able to schedule an appointment easily and a time more comfortable to you.

With a choice of over 17,000 consultants and other doctors – This is also goes with a promise of getting an appointment to fit you

With access of approximately 250 trusted hospitals with services added

Access to the latest verified drugs and treatment – even those not commonly made available on the NHS

Second Opinion Service – The choice of second opinion is something not always available. AXA Health Insurance members can take advantage of this second opinion.

AXA Home Insurance

Home Insurance is another AXA Insurance policy that covers your home against robbery, break ins and other kinds of destruction. Queries and concerns in relation to Home Insurance can be asked by simply calling AXA Insurance Contact Us Number on 0843 506 9526 from Mondays to Fridays from 8am-9pm, Saturdays 8 am to 6pm, Sundays 9am-5pm and on Banks Holidays from 10 am to 4pm. While claims can be done on this line 24 hours a day, this also applies to home assistance and any legal questions that you may have with your insurance policy.

AXA Insurance Postal Address

While AXA can be contacted through their AXA Insurance Contact Us Number provided here by Easy Connect UK, there are instances where may have to write a letter to them. In that cases, contact AXA Insurance at their postal address:

AXA UK Head Office

AXA UK plc.

5 Old Broad Street,



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