0843 504 3179 Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline

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Aqua Card Customer Services Number 0843 504 3179

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge.

Call 0843 504 3179 Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline to talk to a customer service support about your Aqua Card account.


Common Reasons Why Call Aqua Card Phone Number?

The following reasons why customers may want to use the Aqua card customer services telephone number are below:

  • Your card hasn’t arrived
  • You have to replace your card
  • You suspect your car has been involved in scam
  • You want to terminate your card
  • Your card had been declined erroneously or it has stopped working
  • Your card was stolen or lost

What are Aqua Cards?

Aqua Cards credit cards guaranteed by the NewDay Cards Ltd and NewDay Ltd, business under the Aqua brand. It was established in 2002, Aqua Cards boasts itself on providing its service extensively and liberally that major credit card companies.

They are popular for offering credit where major investors tend to decline customers, Aqua has developed to envelop huge customers of otherwise unqualified members. Given that numerous fall amiss of the rigid procedures around credit scores, Aqua are able to trade and sell its credit cards and back to a less competing market. They contest as a moneylender with ill-branded loan sharks and as a credit card source with only a few of semi-reputed competitors.

Today, with its customer base of more than half a million, Aqua’s position as a financier and credit card supplier is now well-rooted in United Kingdom.

What Separates About Aqua From The Others?

Aqua separates themselves from other credit card financiers by being on the side of the customers. Their process comprises of assessment on individuals, to begin with and try to look for the details they can help the application. However, the company is still recognized as being a trusted lender.

As they are famous for this, it means that when you are dealing business with Aqua, you can take advantage of help and recommendation when you need it most about your monetary matters and status.

The most important part to Aqua and their credit cards is that they are always revolutionizing and looking for approaches to help those with bad credit gets credit and getting them rewards when they see to and take care of their account. This means it is more suitable to those looking to boost their credit rating.

Different Types of Aqua Cards

  • Aqua Classic

This is most famous Aqua Card. It is a good choice if your credit history is not very healthy, if you are free agent, or if you have low income. This card could help boost your credit rating and if you make payments based on the schedule, your limits stands to rise after four months. At the start, you will have a credit limit between £250 and £1,200. A distinguished feature of Aqua Classic is that will not pay a yearly fee.

  • Aqua Advance

This is a good choice if you do have a county court judgement history, bankruptcy or any other debt problem. You stand to take advantage from percentage rate reduction yearly for three years if you earn minimum repayments in a well-timed manner and you stay in the limit. Aqua Advance card comes with interest rate that decreases progressively to 19.9% APR. You will not incur extra fee if you use it outside of UK. Same with the Aqua Classic, the credit limit to start with between £250 and £1,200.

  • Aqua Reward

This card helps you keep your credit limits. The variance between the card and the others is that you get a reward as make use of your card. You can get 0.5% Cashback (up to £100 every year) on all your procurements, given that you are able to make small repayments timely and you in the credit limit. You can use the Aqua Reward car outside of UK and you will not be incurred for a small fee. Just like the Classic and Advance cards, the credit limit starts between £250 and £1,200

  • Aqua Start

This Aqua credit card is for the UK citizens who have never had a credit card. People find it more complicated to get a credit card from a bank since they do not have a history. You will get a good credit limit between £100 and £300, which will boost if you stay in the credit limit and you make payments immediately. You will not be incurred for a yearly fee for the credit card.


Aqua Credit Cards Feature

If you want to know the features of Aqua Credit Cards, call 0843 504 3179 Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline, please take note that different cards have unique features as comprehensive above, but there are features that are mutual to all the cards such as:

  1. With all Aqua credit cards, you have to make payments timely to avoid the application of a normal interest rate before the special promotion period ends.
  2. There are committed teams that track account activity with the target to capture doubtful businesses and the cards feature the most-advanced credit card security innovation.
  3. The UK customer service number is 0843 504 3179 Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline it and Us Helpline available 24/7 to cater all kinds of problems.
  4. Aqua Cards have an online running of the credit card accounts. You can receive SMS to remind you to make payment immediately.
  5. You will not avail interest amnesty on cash advances, balance transfers or cheques.
  6. You can transfer money to an aqua credit card from credit cards; some incur charge for the cards, and store cards to keep with easy investment management.

If you want to contact Aqua Card for further information or ask something that is in your mind, just dial the 0843 504 3179 Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline. You can give Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline a ring on 0843 504 3179 to make payments. If you want to report your lost or stolen Aqua Card, feel free to call 0843 504 3179. To make a claim on compensation cover and on your card care cover, ring Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline on 0843 504 3179. In addition, call 0843 504 3179 Aqua Card Contact Us Helpline to activate you card.

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