“…At Easy Connect UK, our commitment is to give you excellent customer service. We always want to be within easy reach and we want to ensure you get the phone numbers you want quickly and easily.”

Easy Connect UK is UK’s newest online telephone directories, which allow user to search for UK phone numbers – simply type in the name and location. Even if you do not have the complete information, the phone number lookup can help you find UK telephone numbers.

Easy Connect UK website is first of its kind and was recently launched in the UK. It aims helping find people, businesses, companies and places for millions of users situated in the UK every month.

Easy Connect UK is a website devoted to providing low cost, direct dial telephone numbers for people and all the major businesses and companies, that operate throughout the UK.

Easy Connect UK have a complete database of numbers so that customers are able to search the contact information for any person, business, or company they need. Businesses try to hide the phone information for the customer services departments from their customers or they often promote them with a premium rate number. This is to enable customers to make use of the web as a major form of communication, this is exactly why we offer this repository.

We are at a thrilling stage in our business life, with our forward thinking organization team – driving sales and marketing through groundbreaking concepts and business resolutions. Our guiding principles are at the center of all our business decisions that means we attend carefully to our customers’ needs and requirements and coach them to make the best use of our personalized technology solutions. Above all,  ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is our primary goal.

We will give a call forwarding service to any of the business or company and the systems you will easily find on the website, through 0843 numbers, which cost BT or NB landlines on a 5 p/min rate. Please keep in mind, different networks and mobile rates vary in fees, based on their price lists.

However, remember we at Easy Connect UK are NOT connected or by any means related with any of these companies, whose numbers we give, and that the information perhaps we found free in another place within the public domain.

As our data bank is growing with the number of businesses and companies we feature, we are always checking to ensure that the information we give is new and up to date.



What really makes us angry is when we bought a product or service from a company however, now that they had us as a customer they no longer care – we end up wasting so much of our time sorting through a web of menu options & user-unfriendly websites in the hope that we might sooner or later get to speak to somebody who could help us!

‘Was this making life easy and convenient for us or for the company?’

‘Did they show compassion and care on keeping us as a satisfied customer?’

‘Was this the ‘customer experience’ they wanted people to have?’


Using the Easy Connect UK, you will soon be on your way to searching phone numbers and be able to contact the right person you are looking for. As long as you have the information to type in the search box, it will give you list of names, addresses, and phone numbers that will help you search the data of the person you’re looking for.

When you are using Easy Connect UK, your search gets more FUN & EASY! At Easy Connect UK, we have considered almost every situation to help you get to where you want to be. Just type any person’s name, phone number, business name or choose a phone book from anywhere worldwide… and click ENTER.

In the past, if you were looking for a UK phone number, the old BT (British Telecom) phone directory was the sole telephone directory service available in the country. Since the deregulation of telecom in the United, you are now able to access phone numbers from many private companies and organizations.


Easy Connect UK has access to many of the world’s most extensive databases and public record databases. Our advanced technology allows us to collect billions of phone numbers annually from hordes of government and professional entities. Easy Connect UK makes sure a fast retrieval and service to customers – allowing them to quickly find the person they are looking for. At this time, Easy Connect UK services 100 million monthly requests for access to its records.

However, if you are not happy with our telephone directory service, then do not hesitate to contact us and we will handle any of your questions as soon as possible.


We promise to listen to our customers and continuously improve on what we do and how we do it, and as well-informed and reliable supplier of phone numbers, we want to fully meet your communication needs and goals.


The use of Easy Connect UK is 100% FREE! There will be absolutely no cost to use the site. Our commitment is to offer consumers and the public an easy to use website where they can easily obtain relevant and valuable information about the various UK agencies or companies they need to contact. Our friendly team will help you every step of the way without creating a dent on your pocket. This is free public service from Easy Connect UK.


Easy Connect UK always try to keep you informed with clear uncomplicated facts on services as well as changes in the marketplace. In addition, Easy Connect UK will offer helpful recommendations to help you use the phone numbers efficiently in order to help you grow your business and be ahead of the competition.




Knowledge is an essential key when making a good decision. Precision of information will make that judgement less likely to occur with a poor result. Our service to you is about value, authority, reliability, and truthfulness. Please feel free to contact us at our Customer Service support number at 0333 323 0980 and we will be glad to address all your concerns about our website and other services.

Easy Connect UK ensures any errors or issues are resolved as quickly as possible and you will know from the start WHO is dealing with the problem from your initial contact to resolution. Our ‘red carpet’ viewpoint means we will always take full accountability for what we do and take pride in executing it.